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3 Ways to Get into Ketosis FAST

3 Ways to Get into Ketosis FAST

In this post I discuss the three easy ways to get into Ketosis FAST. This isn’t recommended as a way to binge every weekend and then get back into Keto on Monday, but as a quick fix to help you feel better as soon as possible!

Summary of How To Get Into Ketosis Fast

  • What is Ketosis?
  • Why would you want to get into Ketosis Fast?
  • Benefits of getting into ketosis
  • The 3 ways to get into Ketosis fast
  • Getting into Ketosis fast FAQ

Have you been struggling to get into Ketosis quickly?

You may be wondering you to speed up getting in to Ketosis, and how to get into ketosis safely without doing damage to your body.

Why Get Into Ketosis Quickly?

If you read my last post ( Glycogen depletion, exhaustion and knocked out of ketosis HARD!), you’ll know about my little indiscretion…

I was desperately looking for a way to get back into ketosis quickly. I had been eating Keto for several years.

I had been suffering out of ketosis since indulging in some Oreos.

Ok, it was a whole packet of Oreos.

No one is perfect, but this was a ridiculous binge that had absolutely no benefit to me.

After researching all the different methods on how to speed up getting into keto, there were lots of different methods but some sounded a little far fetched or involved crazy supplements, shakes or pills. 

No thanks! I knew I had to find my own way to get back into ketosis as quickly as possible. 

You don’t need pills or supplements to get into Ketosis.

When you’ve been fat adapted for a few months or even years, your body WANTS to get back into keto quickly.

If you want to get into ketosis fast it can be tough, because you are used to being motivated and full of energy, and suddenly it seems like you will never be able to pull yourself out of this pit of chocolate and Netflix bingeing.

Well, drag that sorry butt off the couch and get into Ketosis again to get all the energy back in no time!

These tips also work for those wanting to speed up the initial transition into ketosis, but keep in mind being in ketosis is NOT the same as being fat adapted.

If you are already fat adapted and have slipped out as I did, this is how I get back into ketosis.

How to achieve Ketosis?

Getting into Ketosis the first time is quite simple really.

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that our body goes into when we eat no or very reduced carbohydrates.

So to achieve Ketosis, all you have to do is reduce your carbs dramatically.

Normally, our body burns glucose (ie. carbs) for fuel. When we are in ketosis, our body produces ketones out of fat for fuel instead.

This means burning more fat and ultimately leads to better appetite control and weight loss for most people.

Being in Ketosis is the ultimate goal of the Ketogenic diet as it moves away from our reliance on carbs/glucose/sugars for fuel.

Why would you want to get into Ketosis fast?

For many of us, we want a quick fix to a weight problem – without always stopping to consider the overall health benefits or detriments of making drastic changes.

I am a big believer that the Ketogenic diet is a way of eating for life. It is not a quick fix and shouldn’t be used as one but it does have the benefit of helping to lose weight quickly.

So if we can speed up our transition into ketosis we can speed up our weight loss.

The keto diet can provide quick weightloss at the start, but much of this is water weight that our body has held on to (sometimes for decades) because we have been eating inflammatory foods.

Some inflammatory foods include;

  • vegetable oils
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Many grains and legumes
  • Artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners
  • Trans fats
3 Ways to get into ketosis FAST - If you're stuck getting started or falling off the wagon, follow these 3 tips to get into ketosis FAST

While you can get into ketosis while still eating some of these foods, you never reap the full benefits or optimise your health until you start to cut them out.

So if you get in ketosis quickly it can be of benefit at the start of your Keto diet to really kick your body into gear quickly.

You can also use these tips to speed up getting in ketosis quick if you have made a mistake – it’s not a punishment, but a way of getting your body back on track.

I don’t condone using these tips regularly as an excuse to binge eat on terrible foods. You will take days to fully recover.

Getting back into ketosis faster will mean you are speeding up the process of letting your body heal and return to the healthy state of ketosis and all the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of Getting into Ketosis Fast

There are a few reasons why you would want to speed up the process of getting into ketosis for the first time, or getting back on track. Here’s why you may want to get into Ketosis quickly:

1. Heal your body faster – the more time you are in ketosis, the more healing that can happen. So getting into ketosis quickly means more time to heal.

2. Feel better faster – there’s not many feelings worse than the sudden kick out of ketosis after a bad meal.

I personally feel so awful afterwards and can’t wait to get back to feeling like a magical keto unicorn! By speeding up ketosis, you can let go of the lethargy, bloat and guilty feelings faster as well.

3. Avoid the temptation to keep eating bad foods – one binge often begets another on Keto.

It is too easy, once we’ve had that carb hit, to reach for another and reset on Monday, or next week, or next month.

But we all know that making our very next meal a wise one is the way to go.

When we eat carbs, our body naturally wants MORE carbs as a quick source of fuel. By cutting this cycle and getting back into Keto quickly, the cravings for carbs starts to lessen.

4. Repair our insulin sensitivity – one of the huge benefits of keto is balancing out our insulin reaction to food. One bad carby meal will massively spike our blood sugar and then crash it down again.

Getting straight back into ketosis quickly afterwards will help level this out quickly and keep working towards healing it long term.

3 Ways to get into ketosis FAST - If you're stuck getting started or falling off the wagon, follow these 3 tips to get into ketosis FAST

3 Ways To Get Into Ketosis FAST and Speed Up Ketosis

Ok here they are, the 3 ways that I use to get into Ketosis FAST and start feeling all those awesome benefits again!

These tips also work to speed up ketosis.

It can be helpful to speed up ketosis if you’ve been stalled for a while or want a reboot.

To speed up ketosis the process is the same, as what you’re really doing is going deeper into ketosis.

If you’ve been stalled for a while or wondering why Keto has stopped working for you, my article here might help you further.


I’m talking dropping them as close to zero as possible. You might have heard of the carnivore diet – well, it works.

Think meat, cheese, cream and eggs.

If you are reducing your carbs this low, make up the rest with fats to ensure you’re still full and satisfied after every meal.

3 Ways to get into ketosis FAST - If you're stuck getting started or falling off the wagon, follow these 3 tips to get into ketosis FAST

Planning to eat some bacon to speed up ketosis? Smother it in cream cheese please!

Still hungry? Boil some eggs.

You will want to have LOTS of salt and water during this phase.

There are some studies into the carnivore diet long term but they are limited, however using a carnivore diet short term to get into ketosis quickly is definitely achievable.

For me, I love veggies so could never do it (and am also conscious of the environmental impact of meat on the planet!

But as a quick fix and a way to get into ketosis quicker, it sure is effective.

Example: My brother recently had to lose 4kg fast for a BMI and fitness test.

He had 8 days and had never eaten a strict Keto diet before.

I made him a basic carnivore meal plan as below:

  • Bacon and eggs for breakfast
  • Mince meat cooked in butter for lunch
  • Dinner of chicken breast, salmon or steak, all cooked in butter with plenty of salt
  • Boiled eggs for snacks

I was shocked to hear he lost 9kgs in just 8 days! He is lucky that he is young, tall and reasonably fit otherwise so it was quick for him to get into ketosis.

This same carnivore meal plan can be used to speed up getting into ketosis.


When I first wrote this article back in 2016, any extended fasting was put in the realm of unhealthy and an eating disorder.

These days, the benefits of fasting have been well researched and studied and many people fall into natural intermittent fasting cycles on Keto.

If you have anything more than the absolutely base line body fat, you can physically fast for extended periods using your body fat as fuel.

When I first started learning about this, I wanted to test the limits and fasted for 6 full days – just water, tea and the occasional bone broth.

Oh and electrolytes of course.

It’s motivation to not fall out of ketosis in the first place, because who wants to not eat for 24 hours?

If you’ve considered extended fasts before, this is a great time to start.

3 Ways to get into ketosis FAST - If you're stuck getting started or falling off the wagon, follow these 3 tips to get into ketosis FAST

Do your research though – electrolytes are your friend!

Fasting for 24 hours might sound crazy, but it really isn’t. It’s a sure fire way to get into ketosis quickly.

You might have heard of One Meal A Day fasting – it’s the same thing!

Dinner to dinner works well for me, as I’m often so busy at work it gets to 2pm before I even think of lunch.

By that point, I may as well wait until dinner at 7pm.

You can read more about Intermittent Fasting here. 


My favourite method – exercise is a physical and mental boost for me.

I eat a normal ketosis diet while doing this, (for me, this is between 25 and 35 grams of net carbs per day), but reduce total calories to around 1000 calories and go for a very long walk or do some intense exercise.

Often this will be on a Sunday (cos those blow outs almost always happen on a Saturday night, am I right?!) and a 3 – 4 hour walk on a Sunday fixes everything.

Don’t use exercise as a way to binge every weekend though, but after a special event like a wedding, going for a lovely long walk the next day will have you escaping the carb cravings and the hangover at the same time.

Make your exercise fun: climb a mountain, go to the beach or take the neighbour’s dog.

3 Ways to get into ketosis FAST - If you're stuck getting started or falling off the wagon, follow these 3 tips to get into ketosis FAST

Worst case, head to a shopping centre or Ikea and window shop for hours (avoiding the food court!!).

If you’ve got time, go for 3 – 4 hours or more, and bursts of sprinting if you’re capable (ie. If I’m not knocked out of ketosis by too many espresso martinis the night before).

By the time I am finished, my legs are aching but I feel amazing, and know I am back in ketosis quickly.

Sweating it out seems to be the best way, it’s an all round win and reminds you of WHY you don’t want to each rubbish or drink too many sugary drinks.

Really being mindful of how your body feels during this exercise can help reset your “Why” – when you feel shakey legs, dizziness or lack of energy remember how great you would normally feel if you were on your keto diet.


3 Ways to get into ketosis FAST - If you're stuck getting started or falling off the wagon, follow these 3 tips to get into ketosis FAST

So, should you get into ketosis fast?

As mentioned above, you can use these methods sparingly and carefully, and for the short term.

Keto should be a long term focus on your overall health – which means avoiding the things that knock you out of ketosis to begin with.

Set some goals, remember your WHY of doing Keto and stay strong – nothing tastes as good as healthy feels ❤️

When you do need that quick boost, you can use one or all of these 3 methods to get your healthy lifestyle back on track.

It’s important to observe and be mindful about why you slipped up and know what your triggers are, so you can design your life around healthy choices and be the best you can be!

FAQ – Getting into Ketosis Fast

Q: How Can I Get into Ketosis in one day?

A: The easiest way to get into ketosis in one day is to combine all three approaches: Fasting, Carnivore diet and exercise. All three will get the glycogen stores out of your muscles and have your body burning ketones in no time.

Q: How long do you have to fast to get into ketosis?

A: If you are doing an extended fast to get into ketosis, usually around 12 – 14 hours is all it takes. If you had been eating a lot of carbs prior to your fast it might take up to 24 hours to be deep into ketosis. A word of warning though – an extended fast is really tough if your body is not use to ketosis. The hunger for carbs will be very strong so be prepared for this mentally.

Q: How Can I Speed up Ketosis?

A: Once you’re in ketosis, you can speed up the results by going even deeper into ketosis. This can be done by reducing carbs even lower than what you are doing, introducing fasting and exercising while fasted. All of these things can speed up and deepen your ketosis.

Q: Is there any pill or shake to speed up ketosis?

A: It is not necessary to take any pills or shakes to get into ketosis fast. Supplements that contain ketones are no more effective than just reducing your carbs, despite their claims to be a short cut to getting into ketosis. Your body will happily switch to burning fat for fuel in just 12 – 14 hours by following the basics: reduce carbs, fast and exercise.

Q: How do you know when you are in ketosis?

A: some of the easiest ways to tell are that you aren’t as hungry, you have an acidic taste in your mouth and you have increased and more level energy. You can also use Ketostix or a blood ketone monitor to be sure.

Q: Is the Keto Egg Fast good for getting into ketosis quickly?

A: The Keto Egg Fast has gained popularity for breaking stalls and speeding up ketosis. It is essentially carnivore – eggs and fats. I love eggs, but eating eggs for every single meal sounds awful to me. There’s no reason not to include meat if you’re not a vegetarian, so keep some variety if you are going to use the carnivore diet to get into ketosis quickly.

Q: Does it get easier to get into Ketosis?

A: Yes! Once you are fat adapted (your body prefers fat and ketones for fuel), this becomes your natural preference. So if you have one night off keto, you can very quickly get back into ketosis compared to the first time. Sometimes it will only take the night and morning to be back into deep ketosis, especially if you combine it with fasting, exercise and a very low carb diet the next day.

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