Who is the Aussie Keto Queen

Aussie Keto Queen Head Shot

Hi, I’m Rachel, The Aussie Keto Queen!

I live in Melbourne, Australia and I love eating keto, and feeling amazing while I lose weight

Life Before Keto

For as long as I can remember, I have been unhappy with my weight and body and have been desperate to lose weight.

I remember weighing myself for the first time as a 10 year old, and then deciding I wouldn’t eat dinner that night because for some reason, the number was too high.

Since then, I have tried every pill, shake, pre-packaged meals, crazy amounts of exercise, hormones, magic diet drops – everything!

Nothing was sustainable, delicious and made me feel GOOD.

After years and years of reading different nutritional advice, mostly focused on quick methods to lose weight rather than sustainability, I started learning about nutritional ketosis.


After Keto

Now, I have reached my goal weight and feel the best I ever have.

I feel in better shape than when I was a teenager playing sport 4 times a week, all thanks to this way of eating.

Being based in Australia, I find many of the recipes and information available online doesn’t always apply to us.

We also have different products available, and of course different units of measurement for cooking. I decided to start this blog as a way of keeping all of my recipes in one place, bringing together all of the research I have done and helping others discover this life changing way of eating.

This has absolutely changed my life and I want to sing it from the rooftops.

The problem is, everyone around me is pretty tired of hearing about it so this is the best way I know how to share the wonderful feeling that is being in ketosis and how to lose weight while feeling great.

I love cooking and this website started as a way for me to keep track of my recipes.

As I created more and more recipes I realised it is my true passion and the feeling of sharing beautiful food that is also good for you is incredibly rewarding for me. I don’t want your ketogenic way of eating to be just another boring, restrictive or repetitive diet – I want it to have plenty of variety, flavour and also nutrients.

Those that get stuck in a meat and cheese cycle will not enjoy keto long term – you need fresh vegetables, flavour, variet and interesting food.

Please help yourself to my recipes, resources and articles but remember these are my own work and are subject to copyright laws.

Advertising and Affiliate Links

You will no doubt notice that I use links to products and have adverts on my website. I started this website as a hobby, but quickly realised that the costs to keep it going add up fast.

I include affiliate links to products that I use all the time including kitchen gadgets and food. These are items that I think are really good to know about, and I earn a small fee if you purchase them. This does not sway my recommendation – I use the product and think it is great.

Earning these fees helps me keep my website up and running, keeps me motivated and one day might enable me to make this a full time job. Here’s hoping!

I am here to help with any questions at any time, so please reach out.


            Rachel xx