Yogurt Brands & Keto - The 2 Best & The 2 Worst

Yogurt Brands & Keto – The 3 Best & The 2 Worst

When it comes to healthy eating, yogurt is often one of the food items that get a mixed reputation. Some types of yogurt are perfect for staying or getting slim, while others just seem to add more calories and carbs to your waistline, no matter what you try.

Greek yogurt is often considered much more of the former kind than the latter. And while that is true, it still isn’t always the ideal yogurt for dieting, depending on what kind of diet you are trying out.

And, just as importantly, what kind of Greek yogurt you are eating?

This guide will help you clear up which Greek yogurt brands are best for ketogenic (or keto) dieting, as well as those that you should be trying to avoid at all costs.  

Metrics To Check For In Greek Yogurt

Before we get any further into this topic, we should probably try and outline what metric we will be measuring the following Greek yogurts by.

Generally speaking, the most important aspect that we will be looking for in the following example is a low amount of carbs per serving.

As the aim of a keto diet is to achieve ketosis, when the body burns fat and protein for energy instead of carbs, carbs are supposed to be kept to a minimum for the duration of the diet.

For our purposes, this means that any Greek yogurt that exceeds more than 10 grams of carbs or sugars per serving will be considered unfit.

Outside of this, there are generally very few limitations regarding what other nutrients are in an ideal keto Greek yogurt. Ideally, there will be a high amount of protein and fat in a good keto yogurt.

Saturated fats don’t need to be very low in keto diets, although we will be considering healthier fats over saturated ones as better options for overall healthier living.

Overall calorie intake is also not a big issue, although lower numbers will again be ideal if you’re looking to enjoy more yogurt in your food!

The Best

With that out of the way, let’s get this list started with the best Greek yogurts that you can pick from when planning for a keto diet.

Nature’s Promise Organic Greek Yogurt

If you’re looking for Greek yogurt that you can rely on to keep your belly full and your diet plan intact, then Nature’s Promise certainly delivers!

With a net carb count of just 5 grams per serving, this is easily one of the best in terms of keeping those empty calories low, making it perfect for keto diets.

Plus, it has a ton of other healthy aspects going for it that make it easy to recommend. The high amount of protein and healthier fats gives you both plenty of energy to burn in the place of carbs.

Plus, with an overall calorie count of just 170 (one for every gram of serving, as it turns out), it’s the perfect food to eat or add bulk to a recipe, without throwing your calorie intake for the day off.

Arguably the best Greek yogurt for keto, this is an easy recommendation from us!

Ratio Greek Yogurt

Following close behind our first option, we have yet another yogurt brand that you’ll be able to choose in a keto plan without worry.

In terms of pure numbers, :Ratio has pretty much every other yogurt on this list beat. At just 2 net grams of carbs, it is incredibly low, therefore making it a pretty good option for people that are trying 

With a range of flavor options, too, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking just one.

If you’re looking to add this yogurt to another recipe, we would recommend sticking to the natural original flavor. But if you’re eating this yogurt as a sweet treat on its own, the strawberry flavoring is the way to go!

Two Good Low-Fat Greek Yogurt

For another excellent yogurt for keto diets, we’re turning to a name that feels almost appropriate for our list.

With just 3 net grams of carbohydrates per serving in this yogurt, it almost does feel too good to be true!

And, of course, it is packed to the brim with protein as well, with 12 grams of the stuff being found in a single serving too.

While the overall amount of fat is pretty low in this yogurt, which may not be completely ideal for a keto diet, the overall low amount of saturated fat will also help keep this yogurt healthy for your body overall.

The calorie count is down too, at just 80 calories in a serving!

The Worst

Okay, so we’ve looked at some reliable options to pick from when it comes to good keto yogurts. So what are the Greek yogurt brands that you should steer clear of when sticking to ketogenic diets?

Greek Gods Traditional Greek Yogurt

Starting with a yogurt that might arguably be the worst for a keto diet, we have the traditional Greek yogurt mic from Greek Gods.

In terms of overall carbs per serving, it certainly doesn’t look good for this brand. With 15 grams of sugar per serving, it might be one of the least keto-friendly on the market.

Factor in the overall lack of protein in this yogurt at the same time, and it’s pretty much the opposite of what you should be looking for in keto Greek yogurt.

And while there is a large amount of fat content to this yogurt, the vast majority of it is saturated fats, which aren’t exactly ideal for healthy eating overall.

Simple Truth Organic Strained Yogurt

While not quite as unfit for a keto diet as the last entry, Simple Truth’s organic strained yogurt is still far from ideal if you’re looking to include it in your dieting plans.

6 grams might seem like a pretty small amount overall, especially when compared to the benchmark that we set ourselves at the beginning of the guide.

But considering how small the portions are relative, this still ends up being a pretty high amount per serving overall.

Final Notes

So, with this knowledge under your belt, you’ll be able to pick the best Greek yogurt for your diet plans!




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