Camping and Hiking on Keto

Camping and Hiking on Keto

Spring is here, and that means some warmer weather in Australia and time to get back out into the great outdoors. My question was camping and hiking on keto – is it possible?

A few friends have decided to take a camping trip to the beautiful Wilsons Promontory, a national park here in Victoria with some great day walks and overnight hikes.

hiking on keto wilson promontory

The beautiful Wilsons Promontory in Victoria, Australia. If you haven’t been, please do!


We are going to be there for 2 nights and are walking about 20km for the two days with all of our food and camping gear, so we need to pack LIGHT.


I haven’t been camping since I was a kid with my parents or on school camps, and even then it was to a caravan park with showers, toilets, running water etc… this is going to be an entirely different experience.


Obviously hiking on keto means I will need more food than my usual intake.  To work with this extra caloric need, I am being a bit more liberal with carbs as well in case I have a total energy crash and actually need a bit of glucose to get me out of bed.


Not too much of course, I want to remain in ketosis the entire trip and not give in to my camp-mates who will be living off canned stews, bread and sweets.

We can only take so much as we have to carry everything (including our bedding and other gear), and also have to take all rubbish with out of the park with us.

Here’s what I am planning to take with me so far in terms of food to get me through hiking on keto;



Breakfast:       At home/ in the car: scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch:             Egg Slice, taken out of the freezer that morning

Dinner:           Boiled eggs, Salmon pouch, mayonnaise and celery



Breakfast       Peanut butter, celery and cheese

Lunch             Pemmican?? More on that later

Dinner            Boiled eggs, salmon pouch, mayonnaise and celery

Optional:        Cup of soup



Breakfast:       Remaining snacks, instant soup

Lunch              Remaining snacks,


Snacks throughout hiking trip on keto:

Pemmican balls

Trail mix of almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpking seeds

Pork crackling

Peanut butter and celery

Quest bar x 1

Flax seed cracks and cheese

Emergency food: 1 pack of mi-goreng noodles


I am aiming to carry a 10kg pack only, so I am not totally exhausted and can enjoy the sights around me. My sleeping gear (a lightweight 1 man tent and sleeping pad) comes to 1.6kg already.

The large backpack I’ve got is 3.5kg – too heavy! I have to find a lighter pack that is still easy to carry in the next 4 days, yikes!


I will report back once I have packed everything to see how I get on.


Post camping update

I am back from our camping adventure, dirty and exhausted but with a fantastic sense of achievement! We ended up walking about 30km over 2 days and my food did prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Apparently hiking on keto might not be as simple as I first thought…

Firstly, I had nothing hot!! And when it is a brisk 2 degrees C by the time you have set up your tent and getting ready for dinner, I was definitely dying for some hot food.


I will have to remember this for next time!


Other than that, everything worked well and was filling.

I got home and tested my keto levels with a Ketostick and was definitely still in ketosis. I had great energy levels through the whole trip which is exactly what I was trying to achieve.


We were able to get to some beautifully remote locations and saw fantastic views. We came across wombats, wallabies, many different species of birds and even emus!



Wilsons prom

I have the bug and am already planning the next trip. This time, I want to think about what food I can take to cook while staying strict to the keto way of eating.

More to come!

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