Day 1 November 2020 Keto Challenge

Day 1 – November 2020 Keto Challenge

Good morning!

It’s day 1 of the 21 Day Challenge – in case you didn’t know! 

You’ll be surprised how quickly these 21 days go. The world moves so quickly around us. 

So for day 1, there’s a lot of excitement and buzz building but I want us to slow down a little bit. 

I want us to make a cup of tea or coffee, sit down, relax and look inward. 

Focus on ourselves and our feelings for a bit. 

Most of us have had a LOT of feelings this year, it’s been a hell of a roller coaster. 

But most of these feelings are focused on things outside of us. 

We are focused on what other people (or countries, or a virus) are doing, mostly because we are sad, angry or frustrated that our lives have changed. 

So, take a big breath or 10. And let’s start Day 1. 

You might not know this but motivation is not something that comes from outside of you. 

No amount of happy emails or reminders or accountability will force you to do something. 

When we find a reason that we really connect with – a purpose – our motivation and energy to pursue that is endless. 

There’s science around this but it can be hard to find your purpose when it comes to health. 

Many of us start with “I want to lose 5kgs” and think that is our purpose in being healthy. 

If that was enough, we would have done it 100 times over by now. 

It needs to be bigger than that, but also about how you FEEL. 

I’ve spoken about goals many times but this is a bit deeper than that. 

The goals are what you will do – what you’ll eat, drink, exercise, sleep etc

But your PURPOSE is WHY you are doing it. 

If you’re not tapped in with your WHY, now is the time. 

Here’s a quick way to dig into it. I like to use a pen and paper to get my thoughts in order but it can be a mental exercise as well, or even a phone call with a friend. 

It’s very simple – the 5 Why’s – but is an incredibly useful problem solving tool. 

If I was doing this with myself, here’s what I would write. 

1. I want to run another 21 Day Challenge… WHY? 
2. So I stick to Keto again … WHY
3. To help lose the isolation kilos and get some accountability… WHY? 
4. I know having the group of people relying on me will encourage my better habits… WHY
5. Because when I help others, it reminds me of what is important … WHY? 
6. Helping others makes me feel worthwhile and valued 

BOOM. That’s my purpose. 

That is WHY I am doing this. 

Doing this exercise, I started with losing kilos and end up with a deep purpose that connects to my soul. 

Yours will look different – you might end up with feeling attractive or having more energy or whatever. 

But I encourage you to take the time to do this quick exercise and find your WHY.

Then, write it up. Put it on your mirror, on your computer screen, on your phone background. 

Because without it, on those really dark days, a weight loss goal isn’t going to cut it. No weightloss goal will keep us strong enough. 

You need your purpose. 

It will be your guiding light. 

If you feel like it, share it over at the facebook group as well. 


Rachel  xx

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