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Day 11 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge November 2020

Day 11 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge November 2020

Hey Keto Super Star!

We just crossed over the halfway hurdle – it’s all downhill from here!

You’re probably feeling pretty good or learning to make small, daily adjustments to get you feeling better. 

We’ve had lots of motivational and mindset emails, so today is educational. 

Macros can seem overwhelming, so I’m going to try and break it down as simply as possible. 

The key things to remember though…

You won’t get it perfect. 

1 gram of carbs doesn’t matter. 

Be kind to yourself for mistakes, and don’t give up on the rest of the day or week or your LIFE because of it. 

Learn a little bit more each day.

Your consistent learning will pay off, and you’ll be comfortable with the concept in no time. 

And it’s important, because it will help you create your OWN meal plan to stick to. 

Macros also let you build Keto into a lifestyle by giving you flexibility. 

If you are planning a higher carb meal, you know how to have a lower carb meal before it. 

And flexibility means longer term change!

So here’s the absolute basics:

Macros means ‘macronutrients’. Macro means big, so they are the BIG nutrients. 

We also have micronutrients but let’s leave those for another time. 

Our food is made up of three big nutrients: protein, fat and carbs. 

They do different things in our body so we need to eat different amounts of them. These are the most simplistic things they do: 

1. Carbs turn into glucose. Glucose is blood sugar. 
2. Protein builds tissue like muscles
3. Fats are used for energy and creating hormones

We want to lower our blood glucose (previous post about insulin). So we need to eat less carbs. 

We need to keep our muscles strong and build new ones, so we need enough protein to do that. 

And we need fats to fuel us, give our bodies and brains energy and keep our hormones regular. 

But what does that mean we should eat?

Carbs: there is no minimum. If you can do 0 grams of carbs, good on you. But it’s incredibly hard (think a whole lot of meat). So, most people are in ketosis under 25 grams of carbs per day. 

Protein: Enough to maintain our muscle . This is usually 1.2g – 1.7g per kg of body weight. Lower on the scale if you are sedentary, higher if you do weights or a lot of exercise. So if you weigh 70kgs and are sedentary, 1.2grams x 70kgs = 84 grams of protein required. Working out? 1.7 g x 70kg = 119 grams of protein. 

Fats: Until we are comfortably full and have energy.   note: NOT until we are bursting, lethargic or need a nap after dinner. Learning the difference between ‘hungry’ and ‘not bursting full’ is important here. 

Once we get these basics downpat, then you can start playing with things like calorie limits, fasting timings and alternate day fasting, and even cyclical keto. 

But for now, if you’re just getting into this, keep it simple. 

The Keto Diet is simply restricting your carbs until you are in ketosis.

All the other stuff comes with time, as you learn to adjust each day and week according to what your body is telling you. 


Rachel xx

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