Day 16 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge

We are now in the final week of the 21 Day Keto Challenge.

Running these challenges have always been really interesting for me, as I watch thousands of people all react so differently to the same information.

We all have the same FAQ, the same recipes and the same meal plans, but each person responds in their own way. 

Some people love the structure and follow everything to the letter.

Others prefer to use it as guidance and change for themselves.

Some love the group support and lean on it when tempted to ‘cheat.’

Others like the group for asking questions, but don’t need the group accountability as much. 

We are all incredibly diverse, which is why some things work for some people and others need a completely different approach.

I have previously written about The 4 Tendencies, a personality framework created by Gretchen Rubin.

Gretchen has an awesome podcast called Happier (all about being happier!), a few books and lots of other things. 

I encourage you to take the quiz in the link and work out which tendency suits you have, as it can really help to learn about yourself what works for you to stay motivated!

There’s 4 categories:

Upholders respond readily to outer and inner expectations

Questioners question all expectations; they’ll meet an expectation if they think it makes sense

Rebels resist all expectations, outer and inner alike

Obligers meet outer expectations, but struggle to meet expectations they impose on themselves

Once you’ve done the quiz, here are a few tips for each personality style to stay on track and focused when it comes to healthy eating. 

This is an excerpt from a full article I wrote here if you want to read more about this. 


You generally don’t have much trouble with expectations. If you have been struggling staying motivated on the Keto way of eating, you could introduce further expectations for you to ‘uphold’.

This could be telling supportive loved ones of your change and what you want to get out of it, or making a list of goals you want to achieve by making this change – for example, lose 5% body fat, reduce waist to hip ratio by 10%, run a 5KM event by the end of the year.


The key for questioners is research and answering those questions to justify WHY this is the right choice.

Read, watch and listen to the experts in the Ketogenic way of eating, and if you have a question that is making you doubt the effectiveness of Keto or what you are doing, then research some more.


The key for a Rebel is reframing your way of eating as doing something your own way, not what society tells you to do. Relish in using foods that are demonized by misinformed nutritional science.

Bacon. Steak. Butter. Restrict quality, not quantity and ‘stick it to the man’ – the carb man. Don’t let no sugar control you and your health, you are the boss of your own destiny and health. 


The key here is to create meaningful external accountability that aligns with what you are trying to achieve. For changing your eating style, you could;

  • Start a challenge with a friend or colleague (or a facebook group!)
  • Join a social media forum or group that is supportive, or create your own “Keto instagram” account where you only post keto things.
  • Tell a supportive loved on of what you are going to achieve, and ask them to hold you accountable. It is important this is done in a nice way – not to make you feel guilty, but to check in with how you are travelling. Guilt won’t help you.
  • Make a chart or graph to track yourself. This could be tracking centimetres lost, weight lost, days on keto, exercise done. 

So, which are you? What ways do you stay motivated when trying a new eating style?


Rachel xxx

The Aussie Keto Queen

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