21 Day keto Challenge Day 2

Day 2 – November 2020 Keto Challenge

Welcome to day 2 – I hope you had an amazing Day 1 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge!

I wonder, did you weigh yourself yesterday when we started?

What about today?

And when you saw that number, did you connect your self worth or your success to it?

Did you have confidence in this 21 Day challenge because you dropped a few 100 grams?

Or did you lose a bit of faith, because you ate well yesterday and nothing happened?

Last time you weighed yourself, did you stop to ask WHY you care about that number? 


Lots of people yesterday shared their purpose – their reason for doing this challenge.

I was happy to see not too many mentions of ‘weight’. 

Because ultimately what we are chasing is more energy or confidence.  

Did you know that the BMI measurement – that one that some doctors STILL use to tell you that you are overweight – was never meant to be used to diagnose health. 

You can read more about it here, but it was created for statistics by a mathematician. 

And THEN it was adopted by the diet industry to tell us we are FAT .

And therefore we should feel bad and buy their products. 

And it worked guys. We keep falling for it. 

I remember those evil BMI graphs being shown to us as 10 and 11 year old girls, and as a tall girl, I was already considered overweight. 

If you want measures or markers of your health, talk to your doctor about getting blood tests and have a body fat scan. 

But let go of that number on the scale. Put the scale away. Stop obsessing over it. 

It is going to shift higher and higher every year. 

It is going to fluctuate with hormones (including stress hormones). 

Your ‘ideal weight’ that was drummed into you as a teenager in P.E class at school – that number is irrelevant.  

So I’ve said it many times before but I am going to keep repeating it. 

Weight loss is not the goal. 

It might be something that happens along the way. 

But it also might not. 

If we keep obsessing about what we are trying to LOSE we can never enjoy what we are gaining. 

The HEALTH that we are gaining

Because your body is getting healthier each day you make better choices for it and treat it with the patience, love and respect it deserves. 

So once again, I ask you to make your goals about your health and what you will gain, and disconnect this from a number on the scale.

Because they are NOT the same thing. 


Rachel xx

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