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Day 3 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge – Electrolytes

Day 3 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge – Electrolytes

3 days in already! Time to learn a little about electrolytes on Keto and why they are so important.

Hats off to you, you are doing really well. How do I know? Because you are still here, reading this!

‘Doing well’ to me isn’t about losing the most weight or eating perfect Keto, it’s about committing to something and sticking with it.

This exercises our brains in a lovely way and proves to ourselves and others that we CAN stick with something. We ARE determined and strong and in control.

Once we’ve proven this to ourselves a few times, we get better and better at it! Maybe one day we will become those 5am morning people…

But for now, I want to talk about electrolytes and the Keto Flu.

There’s been a bit of talk about this in the facebook group as now is around when it starts to hit if Keto is a big change to your diet.

The Keto Flu and Salt – and Electrolytes on the Keto Diet

If you’re brand new to Keto, you might be feeling a little under the weather.

It usually starts with a headache and ends with irritability, fatigue, lack of focus or brain fog and sometimes even nausea and cramps.

Yep you’ve got it – this is the dreaded Keto Flu – but don’t worry, this is completely normal and a good sign. AND electrolytes on Keto is your solution.

Your body SHOULD be going through some major changes, because you are making some pretty major changes to your main fuel source.

Stick with it!!

A few people have commented that certain recipes are quite salty, and some people never cook with salt.

This is 100% deliberate…. and I like salty things, I think it’s a side effect of eating Keto for so long!

We need the salt more than ever, and unfortunately salt, like fat, has been demonised in the past so a lot of us are afraid of it or have developed a taste against it.

Salt automatically triggers ‘unhealthy’ in our brains, but this is not the case.

Click here for a full article on it, but the short summary is that when you lower your insulin levels (ie. don’t eat carbs and sugars), your salt levels drop dramatically so you need to eat more salt.

Not too keen on salty food? Bone broth is an amazing way to get it in. Check out my article and recipe here.

There are other electrolytes on Keto as well, which are not compulsory in the beginning but are good to learn about so you can watch for the symptoms of deficiency.

My aim is always to get everything you need from your diet, but sometimes we need a little help along the way or a bit of focus if things aren’t going right, and electrolytes are the perfect example.

Another great resource from explains electrolytes on Keto and where to get the others from (hint – keto foods!)

So for now, stick with it, reduce the salt a little but please give it a go.

You’ll be amazed how quickly your taste buds will change – you’ll want salty snacks not sweet ones, and sugar will taste TOO sweet!

Give it time, like all good things.


Rachel xxx

The Aussie Keto Queen

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