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Day 4 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge

Day 4 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge

I’ve always said I want to be honest with my fellow challengers.

I started these challenges because last November, I was in a Keto rut and couldn’t seem to stay committed and focused like I did for the first few years.

I was eating ‘keto friendly’ foods, in a loose sense (looking at you, Quest bars), but I was eating a lot of them.

I was snacking a lot and using fasting as a punishment rather than for the health benefits. I was avoiding the gym like the plague.

When I put the call out for anyone to join me last November to help keep me motivated, I never thought I’d get the response of thousands of people!

I was astounded – it wasn’t just me struggling. The message was clear, this is HARD.

It seems to be a common scenario – we start off so strong and motivated but it slowly slips away.

So how can we capture that motivation we might be feeling now and tap into it any time we need?

I’ve developed a few different tools over the years and go back to different ones depending on how I’m feeling.

The key is developing these tools while you are feeling motivated and at the top of your game, not trying to do it when you are sick, tired or eating cake.

Motivation Tip 1

Sorry not sorry for harping on about this, but I’m going to say it again – SET THOSE GOALS!

Setting and pursuing goals tells our brain that we are AMAZING because we are.

We are hard wired to love goal setting. As I’ve said so many times though, don’t tie your goals to your weight. Often your weight is actually out of your control.

Set goals that you can achieve (even if they are a bit tough), like going to the gym, eating strict keto foods, going for walks, drinking water.

The good things will follow.

If you MUST, set small weight loss goals. If you tell yourself you’re not finished until you lose 40kgs, you’re going to have a bad time. If instead you say you want to lose 5kgs by December and be able to walk 5km, well that’s achievable and motivational.

Motivation Tip 2

Get a buddy. Someone who is on the same journey as you (generally at the same stage as you).

I’ve got a few thousand in the facebook group, but I’ve also got some friends and family along for the ride.

You need someone you can text when you really want that donut.

Someone who will be your cheerleader when you resist it and lift you up when you are having doubts.

If you don’t have a real life buddy, find one online – there are thousands of us all doing this together.

Motivation Tip 3

Educate yourself.

It’s easy just to pick up another weight loss plan promising the world, eat it for a few weeks and then go back to bad habits.

This will never work and is actually worse for your health.

The key to staying motivated is really understanding why you should make this change.

If you’re tempted to go to the shops and buy some chocolate, watch this youtube video to understand what chocolate will actually do to your body instead.

If you’re wanting that second or third glass of wine, read up on the true rates of alcoholism in today’s society and how so many of us are in the grasps of low grade addiction.

Arm yourself with the education to talk back to those cravings that sneak in. I still get them – my brain says why would I go to the gym at 6.30am when I could stay in this nice cosy bed and get more sleep?

Well, because I know for a fact that I will have more energy and live a longer, healthier life by getting out of bed.


I hope these few tips will help you along your way! What do you use to stay motivated when things get tough? Share in the facebook group or comment below.


Rachel xxx

The Aussie Keto Queen

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