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A Guide To Vodka In Keto Diets – Is It Keto-Friendly?

A Guide To Vodka In Keto Diets – Is It Keto-Friendly?

We all love a little tipple in our diet. Whether it’s during or after a big dinner out, or just a quiet evening in with just you and your partner.

A little alcoholic beverage is often one of the favorite components of a good meal. And, unless you’ve got some serious allergies to it, it’s never harmful to have just a little alcohol every so often.

Unless, of course, you’re trying to diet. In which case, that might just be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back!

To learn more, as well as whether or not your favorite spirit (in this case, vodka) is keto-friendly, you’ll have to check out this guide we’ve put together for this potentially keto-friendly spirit, and everything you could want to know. You might be surprised by what you learn!

Keto & Alcohol

So, as we already 

This is especially the case for keto, where carbs are supposed to be pretty much erased or reduced massively from your diet.

With so many of our favorite alcoholic drinks being made from grains or wheat, you may soon find that your favorite beer is suddenly off-limits for that keto month that you’re prepping for.

Does the same apply to one of the most popular spirits in the world, vodka? It is famously made from potatoes, a veggie that is packed with carbs. So surely, it too must be pretty high in carbs too, right?

Well, the answer isn’t quite as clear-cut as that. If you’re planning out your meals and drinks right, vodka might be something that you can work with.

Is Vodka Keto-Friendly?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that, as it turns out, vodka is a perfectly fine spirit to drink in your keto diet. It might just be one of the best keto plans!

Why Vodka Is Keto-Friendly

So, what exactly makes vodka such a great spirit for alcoholic beverages while on a keto diet?

Well, Vodka already has a low amount of carbs in it per liter, making it a great spirit for dieting in general, not just for keto.

However, vodka is particularly good for keto because it contains no carbs at all, which can come as a surprise to a lot of people when they first hear that.

But even though it is made using carb-rich potatoes, vodka itself has none. You can even check in your selection, or the next time that you’re in a store.

Plus, vodka mixes very well with plenty of other low-carb and low-calorie drink blends and mixes, something that anyone who has made a cocktail before will probably know quite well!

Vodka Nutritional Facts

So, we know that vodka is pretty compatible with pretty much any kind of keto diet out there. However, some people may still be interested to see what the nutritional information for standard vodka is.

While the exact numbers will vary from brand to brand, on account of their slightly different recipes and distilling processes. However, they all share these general figures, per 27.8 grams:

  • Have around 0.3 milligrams of sodium and potassium each.
  • 64 calories in total.
  • 0 milligrams of cholesterol.
  • 0 grams of protein, fat, dietary fiber, carbs, and sugar.

It should also be noted that these are 80-proof vodkas, so they may be different in other strengths.

However, vodka is a pretty empty drink overall. Especially regarding nutritional value.

Health Benefits Of Vodka

A Guide To Vodka In Keto Diets - Is It Keto-Friendly

So, aside from the lack of overall carbs and unhealthy nutrients, are there any other benefits to drinking a reasonable amount of vodka in your keto diet?

Reducing Stress

This isn’t just because drinking enough alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions are care less about stress, as you might first think.

There is actually a substantial amount of evidence to prove that a small amount of vodka in regular diets can relieve stress levels anyway, better than red wine, the often toted stress-relieving drink, can.

It’s in a much more concentrated form, to be fair, but it’s certainly a health benefit that some people may benefit from!

Reduces Inflammation

Many of us have heard that alcohol can be a pretty good way of reducing swelling, hence one of the reasons that rubbing alcohol has been such an effective tool.

That’s because alcohol has always been used as an effective treatment for inflammation, and that applies to vodka as well.

A small amount of alcohol can do wonders for people with inflammatory health issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis.

It’s probably why this spirit has been popular historically. With no other effective treatments, these have been the ways that people have regulated their health.

Promotes Better Heart Health

A healthy amount of alcohol in the system has been shown to help clear arterial veins and a ton of other cardiovascular health benefits, making vodka a surprisingly good spirit for improving your heart health.

It can even lower the amount of unhealthier LDL cholesterol that builds up in your body, reducing the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks, as well as strokes.

Responsible Drinking

We need to stress the fact that we are discussing a reasonable amount of vodka in a diet, around 14 units a week over three days at least, which equates to roughly 1.5 liters of vodka.

Any more than this, you run the risk of doing serious harm to your liver as well as becoming increasingly addicted to it, alongside a whole host of other potential issues.

Even then, a much more reasonable amount of vodka would be just a few units a week, to get some of these health benefits, without compromising other aspects of your health.

Final Notes

So, as you can see, not only is vodka compatible with keto diets, but, when drunk in moderation anyway, can be pretty good for your health. Especially when compared to the carb-rich drink that you can find out there, such as beer or lager.

So, next time you’re planning out keto meal plans, don’t discount vodka from the list!

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