8 Creamy And Delicious Keto Dairy-Free Desserts To Satisfy Your Cravings

8 Creamy And Delicious Keto Dairy-Free Desserts To Satisfy Your Cravings

While many people will try to incorporate dairy products into their keto recipes as much as possible because of its high-fat content, this isn’t to say that it’s still an entirely healthy inclusion since it does come with a few negative factors, specifically how high it is in lactose.

Lactose is essentially a milk sugar that can negatively impact glucose levels the same way that regular sugar does, and while many people will try to use different types of milk when following a keto diet to cut down on the lactose content, such as evaporated milk for example, there’s still going to be at least a little bit of it that remains no matter which you choose. 

Many people who want their keto recipes to be as healthy as possible will cut out dairy products altogether.

Luckily, even if you remove dairy from your diet, there are still plenty of recipes, and especially desserts, that you can make that will still taste just as delicious, or even better in some cases, so let’s take a look at some of these flavorful dairy-free keto desserts right now. 

1. Dairy-Free Keto Coffee Cake

There are some recipes out there that can suit a variety of different occasions, and the coffee cake is definitely included in this category, being suitable as a delightful breakfast option, and just as appropriate being served as a light and delicious dessert option. 

With a moist and buttery texture, a very strong taste of cinnamon, and no dairy included, these small treats are perfect for snacking on after a big and hearty meal, especially since the sugar-free sweetener ensures that the cake is still full of flavor without any milk being needed in the recipe itself. 

The sea salt and raw pecans make for a delightful topping to each of these small and satisfying cake slices, adding the tiniest bit of crunchiness to an otherwise very lightweight and airy dessert option. 

2. Keto Blondies

With how smooth and creamy these bite-size blondies are to bite into, it can be hard to accept the fact that preparing them requires no milk at all, but the truth is, the classic pairing of almond flour and dairy-free butter is enough to grant the exterior of these miniature desserts snacks a refreshing and soft exterior that’s a true joy to chew on. 

We also can’t not mention the golden monk fruit sweetener, a keto substitute for sugar that has a taste and texture which is close to that of brown sugar, keeping the blondies as sweet as they can be while also having a slight hint of fruitiness, as if they weren’t appetizing enough. 

When it comes to the mix-in options, the choice is entirely up to you and your own personal taste preferences, so whether you enjoy the softer texture of vegan chocolate chips more, or the slightly crunchier exterior of pecans, feel free to try out a few different crunchy ingredients to stuff into the core of these dessert snacks. 

3. Fudgy Keto Brownies

If you’re following a keto diet, and the responsibility of preparing the desserts falls on your shoulders, it can often be a tricky task to make something that abides by your diet restrictions that will also please your guests who may not be following a keto diet, especially when it comes to making a dish that involves chocolate. 

Luckily, it’s not only easy to replicate the taste of chocolate with some keto-friendly alternative ingredients, but you don’t even need any dairy products to make some of the most popular chocolate desserts as creamy as possible, and these fudgy brownies are proof of that. 

Unsweetened cocoa powder, blanched almond flour, and vanilla extract are all you need to form the base of these brownies, with the thick and delicious center being packed full of flavor thanks to the vanilla extract and melted vegan chocolate chips.

If you’re looking for a dairy-free chocolate dessert that is guaranteed to please any guests who might have a sweet tooth, this is a delicious keto recipe to try out.

4. Dairy-Free Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

There aren’t many desserts that go down quite as nicely as a fresh batch of warm and rich cookies after a main course, especially when they contain the sweet and nutty flavor of peanut butter, and are sprinkled over with sea salt to make them crunchier than they have any right to be. 

Part of the beauty of this recipe, aside from how delicious the buttery cookies themselves taste, is how easy they actually are to make.

With just a handful of ingredients and less than 30 minutes of your time, you can prepare a batch of 24 delicious cookies which can easily be passed around the table after dinner, or you can even prepare them in the evening so that they come out nice and warm for when it’s time to wind down for the day. 

Glaze the melted vegan chocolate chips over the cookies to finish them off, and your tray of dairy-free healthy keto cookies will be ready to serve!

5. Keto Chocolate Macadamia Nut Fat Bombs

Macadamia nuts are one of the most commonly used nuts in keto recipes, being an excellent source of monounsaturated fats which are what provide a lot of the energy in keto diets.

Additionally, they also contain barely any carbs and have a higher fat content than many other nuts.

Rather than using the macadamia nuts as a side ingredient like most other recipes would, this time, they are the core ingredient, providing these tiny dark-chocolate-covered bites with the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. 

Because dark chocolate plays a big part in this dessert recipe, make sure to double check that the chocolate you buy has no traces of dairy within it since some brands will include some, even though a lot of sugar-free dark chocolate is made only from cocoa solids and fats. 

These dark chocolate miniature desserts can be prepared with just 4 ingredients, so if you’re a little strapped for time, but you still want a dessert that is going to be appealing both in its taste and appearance, you can’t go far wrong with these dairy-free macadamia nut bombs. 

6. Keto Marshmallows

Marshmallows may seem like a fairly plain dessert option when served on their own, but this is why you should always experiment with how you present them, whether it’s as part of a fruit kabob, or with some vegan chocolate sprinkled over the top, there’s plenty of ways to keep them healthy and keto-friendly while also enhancing their flavor and visual appeal. 

The xylitol used in this recipe works with the vanilla extract to ensure that the sweetness of the marshmallows pops out as much as possible, while the gelatin powder keeps them soft and fluffy to chew on, and since they can be ready to present in just 10 minutes, this is definitely a recipe you should consider if you enjoy getting creative with your desserts. 

7. Dairy-Free Keto Chocolate Silk Pie

Considering just how creamy and silky this keto pie actually is, it’s extremely hard to believe that it doesn’t contain any dairy products, but the secret ingredient which grants it this delightfully sweet texture is actually the coconut cream which is mixed with sugar and dairy-free dark chocolate to create a pie that tastes unlike anything you and your guests have ever tried before. 

When looking through this recipe, you might notice some slightly smaller ingredients making an appearance, and while they might seem like minor additions at first, they are all very important for enhancing the flavor and texture of the pie so that it is at its very best when being served. 

The sprinkle of ghee for example deepens the overall taste and helps to make it a lot richer, while the sea salt ensures that the outer section remains as crunchy as possible, so don’t miss out on these ingredients, even if they seem insignificant.

8. Keto Banana Pudding

Looking for a dessert that’s a little on the fruitier side?

This banana pudding recipe might be exactly what you’re looking for, using a mixture of banana extract and coconut cream, alongside keto vanilla wafers and dairy-free almond milk to create a dessert that may look fairly small, but is actually packed full of flavor. 

As if there weren’t already enough appetizing ingredients included in this recipe, it also uses keto whipped cream to ensure the pudding remains as soft as possible, making this a perfect dessert to prepare for friends and family when the temperature starts to heat up during the months of spring and summer.


If you’re following a keto diet and would prefer to leave dairy products out of your recipes, then there’s no need to worry, you will still be able to make many of your favorite dessert dishes by switching out a few ingredients that will ensure your small bite-size snacks or large cakes and pies are just as delicate and creamy as before. 






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