Keto Nut Bars – No Bake Keto Snacks by Aussie Keto Queen - The Perfect Keto Breakfast, this easy snack is low carb and high fat, making it a great freezer friendly keto snack that you can grab and go! #keto #ketogenicrecipes #ketogenicdiet #LCHF

Keto Nut Bars – No Bake Keto Snacks

Chewy, crunchy, nutty – These Keto Nut Bars are the perfect no bake keto snack and the perfect easy keto snacks for beginners! Chop, melt and stir then press into a tin, ready for a grab and go keto snack or breakfast on the go.

Before you scroll to the recipe, below I’ve tried to answer any questions you may have, including storage tips, sourcing ingredients and substitutions  

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Keto Nut Bars - The Perfect Keto Breakfast, this easy snack is low carb and high fat, making it a great freezer friendly keto snack that you can grab and go! #keto #ketogenicrecipes #ketogenicdiet #LCHF

Keto Nut Bars Summary

  • Ingredient tips
  • Recipe tips
  • Substitutions and sweetener tips
  • Storage tips
  • How many carbs in Keto Nut Bars?

Keto Nut Bars – A recipe 3 years in the making!

Yes, I do not lie. These Keto Nut Bars have been on my ‘to make’ list for over 3 years now.

I tried every combination possible, using eggs, baking them, using different nut butters and consistencies of coconut but I just couldn’t get them to STICK TOGETHER.

I didn’t want something I had to bake, I wanted a recipe for super easy Keto Nut Bars that I could put together on a sunday and pinch from the fridge all week when running out the door starving.

Having keto snack bar recipes up your sleeve is key – don’t cave to those carbs, keep full with easy keto snack recipes!

I am guilty of doing my grocery shopping hungry sometimes, and we all know how that is dangerous.

These Keto Nut Bars are perfect for avoiding that – grab one as you head off and they will get you through until dinner time.

I have been searching for easy Keto snack bar recipes for so long that I finally gave up and made my own.

Keto Nut Bars - The Perfect Keto Breakfast, this easy snack is low carb and high fat, making it a great freezer friendly keto snack that you can grab and go! #keto #ketogenicrecipes #ketogenicdiet #LCHF

Ingredients for Keto Nut Bars

This Keto snack bar recipe is nutty but using raw nuts mean they aren’t really heavy and have a nice sweetness from the syrup sweetener.

I love making these Keto Nut Bars when I have so many small amounts of nuts and seeds left and am about to go shopping.

It is fantastic for using up all those left over scraps because you really can put whatever Keto friendly nut or seed in there.

You will need:

Mixed Nuts and Seeds

I personally love the mix of almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflowers seeds, but this is mainly because I always have these in my fridge. I have calculated the macros based on this mix.

Using your favourite combination of nuts for this easy keto snack recipe is key to making sure you enjoy it, and reach for this keto snack bar over a chocolate bar.

You could also use macadamias in these Keto Nut Bars which I think would add an amazing creaminess, but also more calories and expense!

Dessicated Coconut

You can use dessicated or shredded coconut, or even coconut flakes for this! I use whatever I’ve got in the pantry. If you don’t like coconut, substitute for some extra smaller seeds like pumpkin and chia seeds.

Chia seeds

This recipe uses a small amount of chia seeds, which helps add some extra crunchy texture and bind it together! You could also use flax seed instead.

Coconut oil or Coconut butter

I usually use coconut butter as that is what is always in my keto pantry. It needs to be solid at room temperature (not the liquid coconut oil) as this helps bind them together.

Coconut butter also works really well and has a wonderful sweet flavour. I make my own coconut butter which is SO easy if you have a high powered blender.


Vanilla essence or paste

I like to use the vanilla bean paste from Queen brand, and good quality vanilla is important to get that real taste. It can be left out if you dont have any though!

Almond butter or peanut butter

I usually use peanut butter because its what is in the pantry. It is higher in carbs than almond butter though, so you could bring the carb count down a bit by using almond butter. Like everything, check the labels!

Both almond and peanut butter shouldn’t have any sugar or additives – just nuts and salt is all you need.

Sukrin Sweetener on Keto

Now you might be wondering what this Sukrin stuff is. I had started seeing it pop up in various Keto recipes across the internet recently and had been wodnering myself, but alas we could not buy it in Australia.

Now, a supplier has set up and it has arrived in Australia. I know some other Aussie Keto bloggers are pretty excited, like Megan at Mad Creations – she has been pumping out some amazing looking Sukrin based recipes.

I have tried the Sukrin Gold Fiber Syrup (used in this recipe) and also the Sukrin Brown Sugar (recipes to come!).

These are affiliate links – in other words, I get a % of the sale.

I only ever partner with brands like this that I love, because put simple, without the Sukrin Gold Fiber Syrup, this recipe never would’ve existed.

The sticky honey consistency of the syrup is the secret ingredient that has finally given me a Keto Nut Bar recipe I can be proud of.

If you can’t get your hands on it or its too expensive, you can use sugar free maple syrup.

Its a bit runnier and doesn’t have that honey like flavour, so use a little bit less at first to see how the mixture holds together.

Keto Nut Bar - The Perfect Keto Breakfast, this easy snack is low carb and high fat, making it a great freezer friendly keto snack that you can grab and go! #keto #ketogenicrecipes #ketogenicdiet #LCHF

Storage tips for Keto Nut Bars

As there’s not many perishable products in the keto nut bars, they last for ages!

I cut them up into individual bars and then store them;

  • Fridge: Store in an airtight container with baking paper in between the layers. Ive had mine in the fridge for months!
  • Freezer: wrap individually in foil as the perfect grab and go snack
  • They should also be stored in the fridge or freezer, as they are held together by the coconut oil solidifying. So they get melt if left out for too long.

How many carbs in Keto Nut Bars?

As you’ll see below in the nutrition panel, these Keto Nut bars have HEAPS of fibre thanks to all those nuts and seeds.

These Keto Nut Bars have 15 grams total carbs and 11 grams fibre so 4 grams net carbs. This is also thanks to the Sukrin gold Fiber syrup!

You can read about Net Carbs VS Total Carbs on Keto here if you’re a little unsure of how it works.


Keto Nut Bars – No Bake Keto Snacks by Aussie Keto Queen - The Perfect Keto Breakfast, this easy snack is low carb and high fat, making it a great freezer friendly keto snack that you can grab and go! #keto #ketogenicrecipes #ketogenicdiet #LCHF

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If you’re looking for easy keto snack recipes, I’ve got you covered!

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FAQ: Easy Keto Snack Recipes

Q: What nuts are best for Keto?

A: The best nuts for keto snack bars are almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamias, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts can be used sparingly.

Q: What seeds are best for Keto?

A: For this easy keto snack recipe I like to use a mix of the following seeds: Chia seeds, pepitas and sunflower seeds. You can also use hemp seeds and flax seeds. All of these seeds are high in fiber which many people are lacking on the keto diet.

Q: Should you snack on Keto?

A: Snacking on keto can be important to keep your motivation and resolve strong or to help you have energy throughout the day. Making sure you factor in the carbs and calories of your snacks is important on Keto, so having some easy keto snack recipes up your sleeve is important. The 10 Best Keto Snacks are featured here.

Q: Should you eat store bought Keto Snack Bars?

A: Sometimes the only thing you can get your hands on in is a Keto Snack bar at the shopping center, and if that stops you from devouring a carb loaded meal then it is ok. You shouldn’t eat artificial sweeteners or processed foods regularly, so avoiding store bought Keto Snack Bars is best and making your own is easy and cost effective.

Q: What are the easiest Keto Snacks?

A: You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen for easy keto snacks. Some of the easiest and quickest keto snacks include: Celery sticks and dip, cheese and salami, a small amount of nuts and seeds, berries, celery filled with cream cheese, and boiled eggs.

Keto Nut Bars – No Bake Keto Snacks by Aussie Keto Queen - The Perfect Keto Breakfast, this easy snack is low carb and high fat, making it a great freezer friendly keto snack that you can grab and go! #keto #ketogenicrecipes #ketogenicdiet #LCHF

Keto Nut Bar

Yield: 10 bars
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Passive: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Keto Nut Bar – The Perfect Keto Breakfast, this easy snack is low carb and high fat, making it a great freezer friendly keto snack that you can grab and go! 



  1. Line a 20cm square baking tin with baking paper. You can grease it slightly to help the paper stick if needed. 
  2. Roughly chop the larger nuts. You can leave them whole but will have a more crumbly bar. Combine in a large bowl with the dessicated coconut, chia seeds and salt. 
  3. In a small microwave proof bowl, add the coconut oil/butter, vanilla, almond butter and fiber syrup. 
  4. Microwave the oil and butter mixture for approx 30 seconds until it combines easily. Stir thoroughly to evenly mix together. 
  5. Pour the melted mixture over the nuts and seeds and thoroughly combine.
  6. Press into the baking tin, using the back of a measuring cup to push down firmly and spread the mix evenly. 
  7. Freeze for 1 hour before cutting, or refrigerate until ready to eat. Store in the fridge or freezer. 
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 10 Serving Size: 1 grams
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 268Total Fat: 22gSaturated Fat: 6gUnsaturated Fat: 0gSodium: 60mgCarbohydrates: 15gFiber: 11gSugar: 1gProtein: 7g






46 responses to “Keto Nut Bars – No Bake Keto Snacks”

  1. Suzan Avatar

    These were so yummy, loved the nuts and they were perfect out of the freezer just 10 minutes was all the needed to be re exact consistency I love. Thanks for a delicious Keto treat

    1. Josie Avatar

      Hi Aussie Keto queen I just loooove these snack bars the trouble is how many can one have at a time because i
      Just keep eating them one after another 🙄 is this very bad ? Please advise
      Thank you

      1. Rachel Avatar

        Hi Josie! Like all snacks on keto, they are ‘sometimes’ food and good in a pinch if you don’t have a meal prepared or are dabbling with some extended fasting. Read or listen to Dr Jason Fung – it’s all about controlling our blood sugar levels, and snacks rise them in between meals when they should be low.
        Keep your snacks in the freezer so you have to wait for them to defrost x

    2. Emily Avatar

      All the recommendations in this article are very good for those who are looking for a practical and effective solution, thank you for sharing all these tips with all of us. It is difficult to get such accurate information. Since other places I have visited in the past do not offer useful information like this website. I also recommend a 100% natural system that helped me to have a flat and beautiful belly in a few days:

      1. Rachel Avatar

        Thanks for your feedback Emily, I am glad you found the article helpful!

  2.  Avatar

    Can I use rice malt syrup instead Gold Fiber syrup

    1. Rachel Avatar

      You could but it is NOT Keto – its 80% carbs/sugar.

  3. Samantha Avatar

    Is the nutrition facts for the whole recipe? It seems very high at 15g carbs

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Hi Samantha, 15grams but minus 11 grams of fibre – the benefit of using a fibre syrup and all nuts and seeds! So really its 4 grams net per bar.

  4. Emily Parra Avatar
    Emily Parra

    is the sweetener for texture or taste? Could I use liquid stevia?

    1. Rachel Avatar

      For texture, it holds everything together and firms up when refrigerated. If you had another honey-like sweetener you could use that eg. Sugar free maple syrup could work

  5. Margaret Avatar

    I have saved this recipe and will make them once I got the sukrin.
    I am a little bit confused when you mention that we need the solid coconut oil/butter but on the instruction we need to microwave it and add the melted coconut butter to mixed with the nuts. So why can we just use the liquid coconut oil

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Hi Margaret, it needs to be a coconut oil that is solid at room temperature, as then it goes back to solid once refrigerated to help keep it all together. If you use the one that is always liquid, they won’t stick together.

  6. Khatijah Avatar

    Just made these, they’re sitting in the fridge (my Sukrin arrived in the post literally 1/2 hour ago! ) they look great. I licked my fingers and this Sukrin stuff is by far the best low carb syrup. Nice & thick & no bitter aftertaste. Not cheap but worth the price if it helps me stay in keto.

    1. Rachel Avatar

      I agree, its the best sweetener syrup Ive found and the thick texture is great for these bars! Hope you enjoyed them 🙂

      1. Sharon Avatar

        Is sugar free maple syrup ok as a substitute – it has <1g carbs?

        1. Rachel Avatar

          Yes that’s fine

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  8. chris penny Avatar
    chris penny

    Great bar!!! Excellent…I’m assuming the Nutritional Info is based on a bar size of 1/10 of the total “product” we end up with? Thanks

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Yes thats correct

  9. five-stars-thaitanic---casula Avatar

    This is very yummy and easy to prepare thanks for your post

  10. Yvonne Avatar

    I am confused. I thought carb counts already had fibre removed in Australia. Like on our nutrition panels. Where it is already subtracted. Which means if you use an Australian site to look up the nutritional content you cannot then takeaway the fiber. I guess you must be using USDA data to work out the carbs. Can you please verify?.

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Hi Yvonne, it all depends on the nutrition label. Not all australian labels already have the fiber deducted, it depends on how the information is presented on the label. Have a look at this article which gives examples of both types of labels so you can easily tell the difference at a glance:

  11. Andrea Avatar

    I bought the fibre syrup specifically to make this recipe, as I have also tried SO many bar recipes and just haven’t found anything the right texture or that has a nice taste. It’s expensive, but worth is as the bars are so perfectly chewy and delicious I seriously can’t believe they are keto! I’m stoked, thank you so much.

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  14. Marie Avatar

    These were delicious, really enjoyed them. They’re so easy to make. I added a thin layer of 90% dark chocolate! Very yummy! I have to hide these from myself!

  15. Anne Loughnan Avatar
    Anne Loughnan

    Hi , Firstly thanks so much for your wonderful recipes. A number of them are now in my dinner ‘rotation’ . I just have a query about the Sukrin Golden Fibre syrup – I clicked on the link and looked a the nutrition label – it is 80% carbohydrate! How do we measure carbs in Australia? Do we need to minus the fibre ? Is the true Carbohydrate value 12.2%?
    I have always avoided sugar substitutes due to the uncertainty about how they impact on the gut microbiome – do you have any comments?
    Apologies for the BIG questions ………I’d love to give these bars a go!

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Hi Anne!
      The Sukrin fibre syrup is made with prebiotic fibre, which is better for the gut than a lot of sweeteners (eg. maltitol which can cause some bad stomach upset!) and is considered a ‘good’ fibre which feeds the healthy gut bacteria. Check out the FAQ from the Sukrin website about the carb counts –!is-sukrin1-a-carbohydrate – they count the carbs, but they are not digested by the body and (usually) don’t affect blood glucose so don’t ‘count’ as such.

      I avoid sweeteners as much as possible as well, and have been reducing my baking more and more. These bars were made for my husband to replace his sugar filled muesli bars as a snack, and like any sweet foods aren’t for every day 🙂

      1. Anne Avatar

        Many thanks for your comprehensive reply Rachel.

      2. Monique Tomlin Avatar
        Monique Tomlin

        Love the look of the bars..but where do I buy the Surkin Gold Syryp?
        Many thanks! 😊

        1. Rachel Avatar

          Hi Monique! The links are above in the post to the australian supplier of Sukrin Gold :

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  18. Rhonnie Avatar

    Can I use cocoa butter instead of coconut butter?

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Hey Rhonnie! If it is solid at room temperature like coconut butter, then yes! Im interested to know how it goes 🙂

  19. Gaye Avatar

    Top bar, best I have made so far, either Paleo or Keto. Thank you so much for the recipe.

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Thank you so much Gaye, Im glad you loved it!

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