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How To Make A Low Carb Tortilla Pizza

How To Make A Low Carb Tortilla Pizza

In modern times, it is certainly true that we have become wiser regarding carbohydrates – specifically the impact they can have on our blood sugar levels, and other issues including weight gain. 

Luckily though, there have never been so many resources available, allowing us to make viable alternatives to all of our favorite snacks and foods. One such example is pizza – a popular dish for many, but one that is laden with carbs. 

But this begs the question: how exactly can you make a healthier pizza, and what does it entail? 

What Is A Tortilla Pizza? 

One of the main tools at peoples disposal when it comes to viable pizza alternatives is the tortilla pizza – something that has been around for a while in the form of pizza wraps and crepes, but something that has numerous applications as a low carb alternative to dough. 

As the name might suggest, the tortilla pizza uses a tortilla wrap as its base – meaning that the usually high carb pizza has much lower levels, and ensuring that those looking to watch their carb intake can do so without compromising their favorite meals. 

Is It Really Possible? 

Not only is it entirely possible, but it is also a trend that has been present within low carbohydrate cooking for some time now. 

The flavors of the pizza toppings, and the easiness with which you can cook tortilla really lend themselves to one another, and make it more than capable of challenging regular pizzas. 

Does It Taste Good? 

Not only is it possible, but it also tastes really good. The only real difference is that it is thinner and less bready than regular pizzas – something that is a small price to pay for those looking to maintain their blood sugar levels, keep their weight down, and otherwise avoid the carbs as much as possible. 

What Ingredients Will You Need?

When it comes to making your own low carb tortilla pizza at home, there are certain ingredients you will need to make this dream a reality. 

Generally speaking, the ingredients for your pizza can vary depending on your preferences, however, for a standard pizza, they would consist of: 

  • Low carb flour tortillas
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • cooked /salted meats (i.e. pepperoni)
  • Your choice of vegetables

The benefit of having less carbs on your pizza is that you can actually make up for this with as many toppings as you want – but of course this is something that you should factor into your dietary requirements. 

How To Make A Low Carb Tortilla Pizza

How To Make Low Carb Tortilla Pizza

Now that you know the ingredients you will need, and a little about the process itself, it is now time to actually construct the pizza ready for cooking. 

There are several simple steps to this process, and before long you will have a great tasting treat that you can enjoy. 

Preparatory Steps

The first thing you need to do is to preheat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, lining a baking tray with parchment paper, before laying the tortillas on top. 

The secret to this recipe is to warm the tortillas in the oven beforehand, as this ensures they get sufficiently crispy later. Depending on the size and thickness of your tortilla, you should cook them for roughly 3-4 minutes, being sure to check regularly. 

Step One

Once the three minutes have elapsed, remove the tortillas from the oven and place the baking tray on the side. 

You should allow them to cool for a moment or two, before adding whatever toppings you would like to have on your pizza. 

Step Two

First add the pizza sauce, being sure not to add too much so that it turns the tortilla soggy. This is a fine line though, as you need to make sure that it is sufficiently covered. 

Next add the mozzarella cheese to the tortilla. If this is grated, then give it a healthy and even sprinkling all over. However, if it is fresh mozzarella, then be sure to slice even pieces and place all around, or indeed place small balls of the cheese regularly around the tortilla. 

Step Three

Once you have added the base toppings, you then need to add any other toppings you want on your pizza. 

This could include vegetables – such as mixed peppers, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, vine tomatoes, or corn – as well as any meat products you are interested in adding – such as pepperoni slices, chorizo, or pre-cooked ground beef. 

Step Four

Once you have done this, you then need to return the topped pizza into the hot oven, leaving it to cook there for approximately 6-7 minutes – depending on oven power. 

You should be sure to check your pizza regularly, being sure to take it out if it appears cooked before this time has elapsed. 

All that is left then is for you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

How Many Carbohydrates In Tortilla Pizzas? 

While this depends on the variety of tortilla you use, this recipe uses Mission tortillas – which places the net carb worth at 7, making them very good for those looking to cut down on carbs during their meals. 

How Many Calories? 

Unfortunately, this depends entirely on the amount of cheese and meat you add to the tortilla – not to mention the type of sauce and tortilla you decide to use. To be sure of this fact beforehand, do your research pertaining to the specific ingredients you want to use, and then make a chart detailing what the meal will set you back. 

The best way to avoid the calories is to go easy with the cheese and meat, include fresh  vegetables, and be sure to choose a pizza sauce that is low in sugar. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about low carb cooking, and the best way to make a low carb tortilla pizza that you and your family can all enjoy. 

It’s true that in recent times, we have all become more aware of the harm that carbohydrates can cause – especially with regards to our issues surrounding blood sugar spiking and weight gain.

However, there have never been more resources out there to let us make healthier alternatives without missing out on our favorite meals. 

So if you want to make a low carb tortilla pizza, then be sure to check out this great recipe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have looked at the recipe for low carb tortilla pizzas, it is now time to examine some frequently asked questions that you may be interested in. 

Are Tortilla Pizzas Healthy? 

While pizza has the potential to be unhealthy all round – given the wrong ingredients – the whole beauty of making your own meals is that you are in charge of what goes into them, meaning you can pick out the ingredients that best suit your dietary needs. 

Are They Gluten Free? 

While this recipe is not gluten free, there are numerous alternatives – including gluten free tortillas, and wheat flour alternatives.

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