21 day keto challenge


5 Amazing Challenges down - now available to you at any date you choose! 

This challenge is perfect for YOU if:

  • You can't seem to start Keto
  • You are bored or stalled on Keto
  • You lack variety in your menu
  • You want delicious food first and foremost
  • You are tired of trying to decide what is for dinner
  • You need accountability and support 
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21 Day Keto Challenge November 2020

5 amazing meal plans are available for you to choose from

The newest meal plan includes:

  • 10+ Exclusive recipes available only in the meal plan!
  • Minimal snacking
  • Intro to Fasting and options to include
  • Lots of Substitutions
  • Full Macros to swap around meals
  • Blank meal plan and shopping list for future use

A brand new meal plan - the latest meal plan from November 2020 can be accessed here!

Never boring, always delicious but still focused on easy home cooking, the Aussie Keto Queen meal plans are customisable to suit your lifestyle. 

The extensive FAQ provides all the tips on how to find your keto success, whether it's balancing a busy lifestyle, cooking for a couple or scaling for workouts. Each recipe also includes full macros plus suggestions on how to make it vegetarian.

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Free (Limited edition)

  • Best for Advanced/Very Experienced Keto Eaters
  • PDF List of recommended recipes (links to website)
  • FAQ about Keto and the Challenge
  • Facebook group for support and sharing
  • Daily emails for inspiration and learning
  • NOTE: Does NOT include recipes or meal plan exclusive recipes

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  • Best for Beginner - to Intermediate Keto Eaters
  • All of Option 1 PLUS:
  • Complete 21 Day Meal Plan
  • Macros already calculated - no guesswork
  • 17 Brand New Meal Plan EXCLUSIVE Recipes
  • All shopping lists and recipes in one handy document
  • Print and save on multiple devices
  • Printer friendly instructions
  • Priority support via email and facebook group


This is not your standard "get skinny quick" challenge. You might join with a weightloss goal in mind, but the 21 Day Keto Challenge is about resetting your relationship with food, your weight and your health. 

Each day you will be encouraged to think about a different aspect of your health. Your weight is not a magical number that goes up and down solely depending on what you ate the day before. Your body is a complex, amazing system and every part of it needs to be considered and nurtured.  

With only 2 openings per year, the official 21 Day Keto Challenge has helped over 3000 people enjoy delicious, amazing food while getting support and encouragement from the friendliest facebook group out there!

The loss of 4kgs was a bonus! 

I am so thankful that I found this challenge and Rachel

Bronwen H.

I am so thankful that I found this challenge and Rachel. Her honesty, wisdom and care are exceptional. The meals are delicious and the weekly meal plan + shopping list were easy and so helpful for this busy Mama. I came in hopeful for a physical & mindset cleanse and I got it! The loss of 4kgs was a bonus! I would recommended this to anyone and everyone, and I will!! Thank you so much Rachel. Until next time...

Rachel's honesty, her knowledge, her one to one interactions with clients, and the meal plans and recipes are simply awesome!

Meme T.

This has been a challenge which was supported by in depth information and which posed questions relating to health and physical issues other than the losing of weight. I have been impressed by Rachel's honesty, her knowledge, her one to one interactions with clients, and the meal plans and recipes are simply awesome! Simple, fresh, and very doable! Made it easy to keep on track. Thank you Rachel.

I really liked the encouragement to give up something that has been holding you back; I gave up alcohol and dairy.

Alison T.

I liked the structure of the meal plans... I found your suggestions encouraged me to mix up my approach. Also, I really liked the encouragement to give up something that has been holding you back; I gave up alcohol and dairy.

And finally, I found your daily email just enough to keep me on track, perfectly targeted to different issues likely to come up and liked the links if you wanted more info.


How about 2 days?  So why not 21 days?

The Keto diet has had a lot of press over the past few years. While it makes headlines for quick weightloss, there is SO much more to eating a clean keto diet than just dropping some water weight. Some of the benefits include;

  • Glowing skin
  • Clear eyes
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Repaired gut health
  • Less hunger
  • More energy
  • Weight loss
  • Tighter, firmer skin

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Grab and go breakfasts


Fresh, New Dinner Recipes

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Is the challenge free?

Option 1: Join the challenge for free and will be provided the recipes, FAQ and tips and access to the facebook group.

Option 2: If you want the complete 21 Day Meal Plan, click here to purchase it.

You can also see all previous meal plans available in the Shop

I can't do those dates, can I still join the challenge?

Absolutely! You can start whatever date you like. If you are able to join the group with the same dates you will get the most out of the experience but you certainly don't have to. Previous meal plans are available to purchase by clicking here at your convenience so you can get started whenever you want.

Is there a vegetarian meal plan?

There is no completely vegetarian meal plan, as the majority of people want to include meat. The latest meal plan for November 2020 will have vegetarian options for most meals (note macros will vary depending on how you substitute the meat items). 

heck out the January 2020 Meal Plan (NUMBER 4) as this has vegetarian substitutions for EVERY meal and a separate section all about getting your protein in!

Is the meal plan the same as the november and january challenge?

All of the meal plans are completely different! With each new plan I extend out the FAQ from previous learnings, add more new recipes (at least 10 new recipes per plan!) and fine tune everything. All the meal plans are available here: https://aussieketoqueen.com/shop/

Are the ingredients fancy or expensive?

This will depend on what you were eating before and where you are located, but in most cases, No.

If you had a relatively healthy diet previously but high carb, you'll like have most things in your pantry already (eg. herbs and spices)

If you only ate packaged, processed foods then there will be an adjustment period for the first 1 - 2 weeks while you stock your pantry.

On average, I spend $80 - $100 per week on fresh produce to feed 2 using a combination of online for pantry staples and the supermarket or market for fresh produce. When I need to stock up on pantry staples like spices or nuts it will be around $120 - $140.

How many people is the meal plan for?

The meal plan is calculated is for 1 person so it is as easy as possible to multiply for however many extra people need to eat.

Each recipe can be adjusted for how many people are eating it, you just multiply the ingredients by that number.

I don't have time to cook breakfast or lunch, is it suitable for me?

I am the same! The meal plans assume that you have no, or very little, time to cook in the mornings and most lunches are based on left overs. They are meal plans I have created around my busy, full time job.

Weeknight meals take from 15 - 60 minutes, but most are around 30 minutes.

I don't like Eggs / Avocado / Red Meat / Mondays

I always recommend trying new things, as your tastebuds will change over time. If there's one ingredient you don't like, leave it out or substitute from the green list. If there's a meal you are confident you won't like, head over to aussieketoqueen.com and find another meal that takes your fancy and has around the same macros. If it’s a bit over or bit under, don’t stress!

Are macros and calories included in the meal plans?

Yes! Each recipe has the macros and calories included. 

The meal plan is designed for those that naturally expend anywhere between 1300 and 1800 calories per day, which covers most of us with a bit of a deficit for those that are quite active or naturally use a lot of calories. There are options to add extra protein if you exercise or are very active. 

If your body does not need to lose weight, it won't lose weight on Keto. There are options to add additional calories for workout days. 

I signed up but haven't received any emails.

Oh no!

Please check the following;

  • Check your junk/spam/promotions folder
  • Check alternative email addresses (if you used Paypal and have an old email in there as the 'shipping' address, it will go there)
  • Still no luck? Email [email protected] with your order information and we will help you out!

How do I save the meal plan to my device?

This will depend on the device you are using. Click below for your device instructions:

You will get the PDF download link to your inbox, which you can open as many times as you want.

I'm not from Australia, is it suitable for me?

As long as you've got access to fresh produce once a week, it is completely suitable! Australian tastes are generally very international and we enjoy lots of different cuisines. You can get an idea of the recipes included at aussieketoqueen.com

Most of us know what is standing in our way. What will YOU be eliminating?

Join the Private Facebook Group and introduce yourself, or ask any questions you have about the challenge! 

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