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13 Amazing Over-The-Counter Keto Chocolate Treats

13 Amazing Over-The-Counter Keto Chocolate Treats

Those who have subscribed or at least researched into the keto diet will know that sugar is a no-go, as it contains a high amount of carbs.

However, if you are a chocolate lover and want to go on the keto diet, does this mean you won’t be able to indulge in your favorite sweet treat anymore?

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that you can still enjoy your favorite chocolatey snacks.

With the keto diet gaining in popularity, there are plenty of sweet new foods being developed with keto-friendly ingredients. But what are they?

Where can you find the best keto chocolates? Can you find a keto replacement for your regular chocolate snacks?

Can you get the same fillings as you would in a regular chocolate bar? Look at some of our premium keto chocolate snacks to see if any take your fancy.

13 Great Keto-Friendly Chocolate Snacks

1. Keto Dark Chocolate

This first chocolate contains zero sugar and a record-low level of sugar, which will thankfully keep you well within the bounds of your keto diet.

This contains 70% unsweetened cocoa, which makes for a very organic chocolate bar.

Diabetics will also like this chocolate bar, as it contains no cane sugar, so this means that your blood sugar will not spike once you have eaten it.

There are no artificial preservatives in it either, making it a great healthy chocolate bar alternative.

2. White Chocolate Cookies And Cream Keto Bark

Now if you really like your sweet treats, then you simply won’t be able to resist this white chocolate and cookie cream mixture.

These white chocolate cookie treats come made with completely sugar-free chocolate, which means that you’ll be able to count the carb content on one hand.

If you are trying to lose weight and you want to control your calories, then this is a great sweet snack to pick.

This has 6 sizable chocolates in it, so you can be sure that it will fill a hole between lunch and dinnertime.

3. Lily’s Sweets, Milk Chocolate Style Bar

This next sweet treat is not particularly aimed at people adhering to the keto diet, but it contains the sugar substitute of stevia, which means that it is much lower in calories than most other chocolate that you might on the internet.

This has been certified as gluten-free, which means that if you have any intolerances, you can be sure they won’t flare up after you have eaten this.

But what about the taste and the texture? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this is very similar to real chocolate.

4. Hershey’s Special Dark Zero Sugar Chocolate Candy Bars

Hershey's Special Dark Zero Sugar Chocolate Candy Bars

Next up, we have one of the biggest chocolate bars in America trying their hand at making super low-carb and low-sugar chocolate that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

But are they successful? Well, in short, yes. In addition, it is a very delicious chocolate bar.

This candy bar contains dark chocolate, so make sure that you have a taste for the more bitter chocolate before you splash out on this bag.

This comes with 10 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein, so this is perfect if you are trying to stick to your keto diet.

5. Lakanto Sugar-Free Chocolate Bar

This is a gourmet level of chocolate, made with only the more refined sweet tooth. Include these chocolate bars in your recipes rather than eat them as they come.

If you are trying to make keto-friendly cake, mousse or ganache, try using this sugarless chocolate bar.

Lakanto chocolate bars have 55% cacao, which means they are very bitter but also very organic.

This also does not contain any artificial ingredients, so if you are trying to reduce the number of pollutants in your body, then this is a great substitute to have in your kitchen cupboards.

6. Alter Eco Black Out Chocolate Bar

If you want the most basic, organic, and nutritious chocolate bars on the face of the Earth, then we would recommend that you pick up this one.

This contains absolutely no GMO ingredients, no soy or corn oil, and absolutely no dairy products.

This is suitable for all types of dietary requirements, whether it is keto, vegan, or paleo. This is also fair trade and made from 100% recyclable packaging.

This is far more malty than a regular chocolate bar, so if you are looking for that traditional sweet flavor, you may want to try another brand.

7. Coconut Tumeric Dark Chocolate Bar

Next up, we have a mixture of flavors that are quite unlike any other chocolate that you might find on the market.

This is a blend of sweet and spicy, with nutty coconut and added kick of the turmeric. This is ideal for keto followers, as it contains very little sugar.

This comes with zero sugar, which is great if you are diabetic too, as it will not result in any sharp sugar spikes.

Organic cacao beans make up the majority of this chocolate bar, so you can be sure of a very organic final product. This is also great for cooking keto-friendly sweet treats.

8. ChocoPerfection Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

This next chocolate bar contains premium ingredients, which is great for anyone who wants to keep it natural and reduce the amount of harmful refined sugars and ingredients that they want to put in their body.

This has a lot of fiber, meaning it will work wonders for your digestive system.

It also has decent protein content and is very low in carbs, which is great for the keto diet. You can eat this chocolate as it comes, or you can use it in cooking.

9. 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Excellence Bar

This is another premium-level chocolate with amazing ingredients and 90% raw cacao used in the making.

This is a very smooth chocolate that comes with a very bitter taste.

This is a great cooking chocolate, so if you want to try your hand at a dark chocolate keto cake, then this is great.

If you like a strong flavor to your chocolate, then this is also the one for you. It comes with only 3 grams of sugar per serving, which will suit your keto diet.

This chocolate is also surprisingly cheap, so if you want to buy a lot of this chocolate for baking, then you won’t have to worry about stressing out your bank account.

10. Extreme Dark 88% Dark Chocolate

Next up, we have another amazing dark chocolate that is not only tasty and perfect for your keto diet, but it is also dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of certain endangered species and all of the money raised from the sales goes to the preservation of the elephant and the jaguar.

This has 88% chocolate, so expect that dark and punchy flavor that you have come to expect from these cocoa-dense foods.

This contains no GMO products and is completely fair trade. So if you want chocolate with a conscience, then pick up a bar from your local health food store.

11. No Sugar Keto Bar Chocolate Mint

If you like your mint chocolate but you don’t know where you can buy it without ruining your keto diet, then you’ve come to the right place.

This chocolate bar contains zero sugar, which means that it is low in carbs and won’t lead to any sugar spikes.

This is both keto and dairy-free, making it ideal for vegans as well as those who are trying to severely limit their carb intake.

This uses completely natural ingredients, perfect for those who want to introduce their children to sweet treats that are still on the healthy spectrum.

12. Bake Believe Keto-Friendly Semi-Sweet Baking Chips

If you are making keto cookies and are uncertain as to where you can get your chocolate chips from, then this should be your first stop.

If you have worked hard to maintain your keto diet, don’t let your cravings for sugar mess it up. Instead, tailor your cravings for your diet.

These cookie treats are free from a lot of allergens, so if you suffer a lot from intolerances, then this will give you back that control over what you put in your food.

They only have 1 gram of net carbs per serving, which is fantastic for keto people. They taste amazing too!

13. Keto Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

This final chocolate bar contains very little sugar but is absolutely jam-packed with flavor.

It contains all the fat and protein that you need in the creamy and sticky peanut butter, as well as the chocolate itself.

This also comes with cookie dough. You can’t really ask for a better sweet treat.


So, there you have it, folks, keto chocolate is out there, it does exist, you just need to know where to look.

Buy these chocolate in some well-known high street chains or alternatively order them online at specialist food wholesalers.

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