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Meal Plan #5 – November 2020 21 Day Keto Challenge

(8 customer reviews)


The 21 Day Keto Challenge is Back!

This latest meal plan was used in November 2020 and saw HUNDREDS of people find their Keto rhythm again! Get your keto mojo back with this amazing meal plan. 

We’ve all had a pretty tough year.

I am getting messages and emails every day from people who are struggling to find motivation to look after their health.

I hear you loud and clear, I feel the same!

So let’s get back on track together with the November 2020 21 Day Keto Challenge.

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***You are purchasing a digital product (ebook) meal plan for the 21 Day Keto Challenge. You will receive an order confirmation with a download link to open this PDF on your computer or device ***

The 21 Day Keto Challenge has helped thousands of people over the past 3 years! This latest meal plan was used in the November 2020 live challenge, but you can purchase it at any time and follow along.

As always these amazing meal plans include:

  • All Recipes you need for the Challenge including BRAND NEW RECIPES not seen anywhere else
  • 21 days of complete meal plans
  • Shopping lists
  • An extensive list of Tips and FAQ
  • Vegetarian options for every meal, including a separate section of Vegetarian tips and product options
  • Additional tips for balancing higher calorie needs (eg. for very active people, men and growing teenagers!

But the best part?

A supportive, friendly facebook group and daily supportive emails through the challenge.

The aim is that you finish this challenge with a better understanding of how to make Keto WORK FOR YOU.

Keto should be easy, enjoyable and sustainable.

Together lets tackle what is holding YOU back from being your best, healthiest self.

A clean Keto diet can give you;

  • Glowing skin
  • Clear eyes
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Less hunger
  • More energy
  • Weight loss
  • Tighter, firmer skin

The Brand New 21 Day Meal Plan Includes:

  • All recipes and meal plans for the full 3 weeks
  • Complete shopping list for each week
  • Heaps of tips and tricks to make Keto successful for you!


  • Simple Breakfast Burrito
  • Breakfast smoothies
  • Chilli Soy Chicken
  • Mexican Fish Taco Bowl
  • Mini Quiches
  • Thai Satay Chicken One Tray Bake
  • Garlic Butter Salmon Tray Bake
  • And more!

Not sure if the challenge is right for you? You can check out the FAQ here or head over to the friendly facebook group and post a question to other 21 Day Challengers and the Aussie Keto Queen!

8 reviews for Meal Plan #5 – November 2020 21 Day Keto Challenge

  1. Kel

    Hi – i’ve been following your fbook page for the past year, it’s great.
    I’ve tried keto by myself but struggle with the calculations. This looks good to me having a set menu.
    My struggle is i have a social lifestyle & my partner & i like to drink alcohol fri-sun. Wine, bubbles & vodka we enjoy.
    I excerise 3-4 times a week.
    Can i still lose weight with drinking and keto?
    Thankyou 😊 kel

    • Rachel

      Hey Kel

      You sound like me (pre-lockdown!).
      You CAN lose weight drinking alcohol as well, but it will be slower and the overall health benefits lower. The other tricky thing is alcohol lowers our inhibitions and decision making, both while drinking) and the next day when we are feeling the after effects. So we are more likely to make bad food choices. I know the only time I will eat terrible food like McDonalds is while drinking or the next day.
      There are lots of lower carb alcohol options out there now so you can make it fit from a macros perspective. But remember this – alcohol still has calories and you can easily drink an extra meal’s worth in a few drinks. Also while your liver is processing the alcohol out of your body, your ability to burn fat will be reduced.
      I sometimes suggest giving yourself a 21 day challenge on alcohol as well and consider how important it is to your socialising, you might surprise yourself!

  2. Wendy Joy JOHNSTON

    Hello – will you be doing another challenge early 2021?

    • Rachel

      hi Wendy, I don’t have anything planned at this stage, so likely not. I find generally people start wanting a new challenge around every 6 months or so!

  3. Jacqueline clayton

    I just registered for the challenge however not sure if it all went through successfully, can you please confirm. Thanks

    • Rachel

      Hi Jacqueline, I don’t have any registration under your email address (Just the January 2020 one). You get an email confirmation as soon as the order goes through, but if you have any trouble you can email me at [email protected]

  4. Megan

    Hi, Do you have a meal plan that is dairy free for the November 21 day challenge?

  5. Annie Lavrick

    I Note plan has already commenced, can you start it now?

    • Rachel

      Hi Annie, you sure can! You can start whenever you please, some people are just starting now. The facebook group and daily emails stick to the regular schedule, but the posts are available on the website here and the facebook group remains open even outside of the ‘official’ challenge dates.

  6. Anonymous

    I have loved every minute of this meal plan. The food was gorgeous and was easy to prepare. It forced me to try foods I wouldn’t normally and, funnily enough, it’s the foods I wouldn’t normally eat that I’ll be making regularly for sure. I lost 5.5kg over the 21 days but, more importantly, have so much more energy and am more positive and happy in general. If you’re considering following this I’d say go for it. You don’t regret it !!

    • Rachel

      Thank you for your review, and for being part of the challenge!

  7. Mable (verified owner)

    After devouring many cookies, chocolate and cakes in the Melbourne lockdown, I had an iso-belly. I needed structure and a push to get back on the keto train (I’ve tried many times on my own but failed). It was so good to have Rachel’s meal plan, which are all delicious and satisfying, and her daily emails to drive the message consistently and firmly in my head. I love how gentle she was, and it was all very holistic. Worth every cent of my investment, you can be sure I’ll be up for the next one.

    • Rachel

      Thank you for your review Mable, and for being part of the challenge!

  8. Amanda Robinson (verified owner)

    This challenge has been one of my absolute favourites. Rachel has knocked it out of the park with delicious, easy to prepare meals that are amazing. Quote from my son “this keto food tastes better than our normal food” (not sure what that says about what I was feeding him!). Loved it. Thankyou Aussie Keto Queen. This has got me back on the right track.

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