*SEPTEMBER 2019* 21 Day Keto Cleanse Challenge – Complete Meal Plan



The Meal Plan includes:

  • All Recipes you need for the Challenge
  • 10 BRAND NEW Aussie Keto Queen recipes not seen anywhere else
  • 21 days of complete meal plans
  • Shopping lists for everything
  • An extensive list of Tips and FAQ
  • Lots of substitutions and suggestions

Everything you need to follow along the challenge delivered as an ebook straight to your inbox.

The September Keto Cleanse Challenge will be;

– Going back to basics

– Includes dairy

– NO snacking (but options provided in case you are desperate!)

– Introductory fasting (optional)

– More Variety

– More Substitutions


– Full Macros to swap around meals as you please

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This is to order the September meal plan. You will be emailed a unique link to download your PDF meal plan which includes the entire meal plan, shopping list and recipes to join the challenge.

How amazing do you feel when you eat a clean keto diet for a day? How about 2 days?

So why not 21 days?

A clean Keto diet can give you;

  • Glowing skin
  • Clear eyes
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Less hunger
  • More energy
  • Weight loss
  • Tighter, firmer skin

This 21 Day Meal Plan Includes:

  • All recipes and meal plans for the full 3 weeks
  • Complete shopping list for each week
  • Heaps of tips and tricks to make Keto successful for you!
  • Lots of substitutions
  • Meal plan EXCLUSIVE recipes – you won’t find these anywhere else!

You will get an email receipt of your purchase and a download link to save the meal plan on as many devices as you wish.

Make sure you join the facebook group for ongoing support and a friendly group of people who have been through the exact same meal plan as you.

6 thoughts on “*SEPTEMBER 2019* 21 Day Keto Cleanse Challenge – Complete Meal Plan”

  • Hi, is the plan suitable for both men and women regarding portion sizes? And macros? Is the plan the same for both? Thanks

    • Hey Naomi

      Sorry for the delay, this comment got caught in my spam filter.
      The plan allows for around 1300 – 1500 calories per day, which is either an average female or an inactive male. For men who need more calories I suggest doubling the serving size of dinner and seeing how hungry they are, as this will ensure they get plenty of protein in.

  • Have bought all other plans only to realise most of the receipies were availsble for free on website
    How will this be different

    • Hi Eillish! Yes I use recipes that I have previously created on my website. Each recipe takes about 30 hours of planning, testing and practicing so creating 30 new recipes just wouldn’t be feasible 🙂

      This meal plan features 10 brand new recipes not available on the website. The benefit for others is that the entire meal plan is worked out for you – all calories, macros, what to eat when and the shopping lists as well.

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