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9 Fantastic Salty Keto Snacks To Munch On Throughout The Day

9 Fantastic Salty Keto Snacks To Munch On Throughout The Day

When it comes to diet plans, one of the trickiest aspects that dieters have to manage is their calorie or food intake, for obvious reasons.

And it seems so simple, too. Just don’t eat between meals, and you should be fine. Sounds straightforward and easy, right?

Unfortunately, once you start the dieting plan, you quickly realize just how long that means between eating times. After all, sticking to a plan also means not eating high-carb or calorie-rich foods in between meals.

And if you, like us, enjoy a quick snack from time to time, those few hours just seem to drag out.

Keto diets are no different. With the main goal to keep carb consumption down to a minimum, you’ll be shocked, frustrated, and surprised just how many of your favorite snacks out there are just loaded with carbs.

Well, luckily for you, we have the perfect list for satiating those cravings! In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best keto-friendly salty snacks that you can enjoy.

Whether you’re preparing them for yourself beforehand, or simply buying them fresh, these are the best ways to satiate those cravings, without completely ruining your dieting schedule!

Candied Pecans

Starting this list, we have a solid recipe that will produce a ton of good nuts to keep you going from breakfast to lunch, and lunch to dinner.

Pecans are a seriously addictive treat on their own, without any extra ingredients necessary. Their high protein content has made them the ideal food for dieters of many different meal plans, from paleo to keto.

Salted pecans then, with their natural flavor enhanced even more, are some seriously addictive treats in their own right. Unfortunately, because some salted pecan recipes use sugar, an empty-carb food, they’re not always ideal for dieting.

Not these salted pecans, however. Using just 4 ingredients, and with no sugar or sugar-based ingredients in sight, these tasty little morsels are perfect for snacking on, even if you are watching what you eat.

Plus, this is a simple little treat that you can make in the comfort of your own home in 5 minutes at most, so there’s no excuse not to try them!

Highkey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies

Of course, while savory is a great kind of snack flavor to keep your appetite in check between meals, sometimes we just want to feed our sweet tooth, you know?

But how can you enjoy those sweet flavors while also staying true to your keto plan?

Well, with one of these Highkey Snacks, of course!

These miniature chocolate chip cookies taste just like the sweet treats that we enjoyed as kids. Only now, they’re free of sugar, and great to eat whether you’re just looking for a sweet hit, or trying to stay keto-compatible with your snacks.

Plus, they’re also gluten and grain-free, so there’s no excuse not to try them!

Chocolate-Covered Macadamia Nuts 

Like the pecan recipe that we covered before, macadamia nuts have long been a reliable food to try out for those that can’t stomach being without a potential snack between meals.

Their high protein and fiber content is just great for staying healthy, it seems!

However, for some people, the sometimes plain or mellow flavor of macadamias leans a little too close to bland for many people’s preferences. And while we’d contest that, we understand what they mean.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways of adding flavor, while still staying on course for your keto goals for the month. And this recipe is one of them!

The trick to this recipe is to make sure that you have the right type of chocolate so that you’re staying as low on sugar as possible with your ingredients.

You’ll want to stick with a semi-sweet chocolate variety for this reason, as well as to not completely overpower any flavor that the macadamia nuts have.

It might take a little longer than some other recipes here, but trust us when we say it will be worth it!

Energy Balls

Energy balls have taken the fitness and dieting worlds by storm. Not only are they full of protein, essential for building and repairing muscles between workouts, but they’re also low in carbs, while still attesting great!

As you can imagine, these little balls of fitness goodness are also perfect for keto diets then too!

Filled with dates and almond butter, these are a deceptively simple little recipe to make. With no baking necessary, you’ll also find that these take a lot less time to make than you might think, just 5 minutes.

Plus, they can be frozen and preserved, in case you want to save them for a later date.

Overall, whether you’re looking to stay field during or after a workout, or staying high on those proteins during your keto diet, these are a great treat to make for yourself with little to no difficulty.

Primal Thin Crackers Organic Parmesan

Who doesn’t love a good cheesy snack from time to time? They’re practically the king of savory snacks if anything! And being high in fat makes them viable as part of a keto diet too, if you eat them in moderation, or find the right kind of treat.

Primal Thin crackers fall into that second category, being an incredibly moreish treat that everyone can enjoy, including people on their keto diet.

These crunchy little squares of cracker and cheesy goodness are perfect for dipping into a keto-friendly dip like hummus. Plus, it’s even gluten-free, meaning that even more people can give these treats a try!

We would only point out that these probably aren’t dairy-free, thanks to the Parmesan cheese in them, so you may want to skip these treats if you have any kind of lactose intolerance.

Crispy Zucchini Fries

Like cheese, fries are just a staple snack across the world, no matter when or where you are, it seems.

But their high carb content makes them pretty much unworkable as part of a keto diet, leaving many people little to no way to enjoy fries while trying out this type of diet.

Heck, we understand why people may loosen or stop their keto diets altogether if they can’t enjoy good fries!

Luckily, that won’t be necessary, thanks to these amazing zucchini fries that can be made from a vegetable with little to no carbs comparatively.

Combine this with a little egg, almond flour, and a few other ingredients for good measure, and you have a decent-sized snack that can help keep you full between lunch and dinner. Or perhaps a nice little sharing snack to bring to parties.

Now, are we pushing the definition of what constitutes a snack with this one? We’ll let you be the final judge for that. Still, why not enjoy these while mulling over that little detail?

Fat Bombs

Alongside energy balls, fat bombs have become an incredibly popular food item to make for people that are dieting. However, we think that they’re especially great for those people who are considering trying out a keto diet themselves.

As their name suggests, these little treats are packed full of fat, a great source of energy for people staying on keto or avoiding high-carb foods.

These are made up of just a few ingredients too, mainly nuts, nut butter, chia, and a little sugar-free sweetener. And that’s it! That’s all it takes to make these amazing treats.

They’re super simple, and thanks to their no-bake instructions, don’t need to be cooked. In just 4 to 5 minutes, you can have your fat bombs ready to snack on and enjoy, making them perfect for those moments when cravings hit particularly hard

Keto Crunchy Cheese Mix, By Keto Farms

Sometimes, you’re just looking for something that can satisfy both those hankering and has a nice crunchy bite to them.

For those cravings, we love to snack on Keto Farm’s cheese mix bites, back full of all of the necessary ingredients that you need to scratch those hunger itches, without ruining or straying from your dieting path.

Once again, we would either recommend checking for dairy-free alternatives or checking out one of the other keto snacks that we’ve covered.

Keto Marinated Olives

With so many favorite snacks suddenly off the table when it comes to sticking to a keto diet, it can be difficult to part with some of your favorite foods.

Luckily for all of us, olives are not one of those recipes that you’ll have to worry about. High in fats and minerals, pretty much every kind of olive, this marinated recipe included, is a great snack to chow down on.

Final Notes

Keto snacks can be a tricky balance to strike, especially if you are new to this kind of diet. You have to balance your cravings and hunger for food, while also trying to stick to your dieting plans and schedule.

After all, even with these low-carb foods, they can still add up if you’re eating them in large enough quantities. Making sure that you’re paying attention to the exact nutritional information in these foods is critical.

Still, even with that extra legwork in mind, we’re happy to see that just because we’re sticking to a keto diet, doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice decent snacks at the same time.

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