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  • Keto Pesto Using Celery Leaves

    Keto Pesto Using Celery Leaves

    Pesto is a fantastic addition to a keto diet, and this particular keto pesto is no different! Using celery leaves means no waste next time you are wondering what to do with left over celery leaves, and can be used in so many great keto recipes. Before you scroll to the recipe, below I’ve tried…

  • Keto Dip – Capsicum & Feta

    Keto Dip – Capsicum & Feta

    Dips are made for Keto! This Keto Dip focus on adding plenty of healthy fats, without compromising on flavour. This Keto Dip starts with a base of roasted capsicum, which you can do yourself as per the recipe below or buy the jarred roast capsicums, although it’s much more expensive that way. If you are roasting…