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Preparing For The Ketogenic Diet


The perfect place to start if you are feeling overwhelmed by the Ketogenic Diet. 7 days of actionable tips, print outs and support to get you ready for success on the Keto diet.



Have you been wanting to start the Keto Diet for a while, but it all seems too overwhelming?

Not sure what you should and shouldn’t be eating?

Got a pantry full of things that you aren’t sure are keto, but don’t know what to do?

In this 7 day Preparing for the Ketogenic Diet ebook, I provide you with all the tools I wished for when I was getting started. A new task each day prepares you to start the ketogenic diet feeling fresh, armed with information and healthy fats and ready to success. Included inside is;

  • Day by day steps on how to get ready for the ketogenic diet
  • Example weekly planner
  • Blank meal plan template
  • Blank shopping list template
  • Green food list showing you the Keto ideal foods
  • Much more!

Get past the overwhelm and prepare yourself for Keto success. Delivered immediately as a handy ebook with printable pages ready to get you started TODAY.


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