How Much Should I Eat on Keto?

The next most common question for those getting started on Keto is – How Much Should I Eat on Keto?

Macros on Keto

Related, is what are my macros while on keto, and do I need to know my macros on keto? For beginners, you don’t have to work out your exact ‘macros’, you can start by substituting your meals for higher fat and lower carb meals straight away. For those with lots of weight to lose or lots of health problems, you will benefit from starting out this way. It will feel like less of a drastic lifestyle change and you can ease your way in.

Calories Per Day On Keto

I found once I had lost the majority of the weight I needed to, I had to start to tighten my belt around how much I was consuming and that’s where macros came into play!

If you know roughly how many calories a day you should be eating, you can refer to this table to work out how to break that down;

So if you need to consume 1500 calories a day, you should be eating;

  • 125 grams of fat
  • 75 grams of protein
  • 19 grams of carbohydrates

If you aren’t sure how many calories you should be eating, try this handy calculator;

What is TDEE?

Total Daily Energy expenditure, or TDEE, is how much energy your body burns in a day including your exercise. So if your TDEE is 1700 calories,  you burn on average 1700 calories per day across all of your activites, from sleeping to going to the gym.

So, if you eat 1500 calories of high quality, nutritious food, you will over time lose weight. While I don’t believe in the ‘all calories are created equal’ rhetoric, I do believe that a calorie deficit while eating in a sustainable, nutritious way will lead to weight loss.

How to Get Started on Keto

Without overwhelming you, there is a lot to learn about keto but you can start simply.

  1. Print off the green food list from here,,
  2. Calculate your TDEE
  3. Create a myfitnesspal account and track your calories and macros loosely (if you wish)
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