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What is Keto?

The most commonly asked question: what is  Keto or the ketogenic diet?

Put simply, by reducing your carbohydrate intake, your body begins to use fat and protein for fuel.

To achieve this, you eat fewer carbs than what we are used to, eat sufficient protein and get the rest of your calories from fat.

If it sounds confusing, I summarise everything below.

I’ll also be covering this in more depth and with video help in my Keto Community. 

Sugar & Carbohydrates

We all know that sugar is the devil, but the latest scientific evidence shows that our body processes CARBS the same way as SUGAR. This is a crucial piece of evidence in understanding why lowering carbs works.

There is now evidence that eating excess carbohydrates also leads to inflammation, which is a precursor to many other diseases and conditions.

A few examples that are now linked to inflammation include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer.

The evidence is mounting that a low carbohydrate diet not only prevents Type 2 diabetes but can actually reverse it. WOW.

Macros of Keto

Here’s a quick visualisation of how you will divide your food up:

Macros on what is keto

Don’t worry, I will help you along the way.

The keto way of eating offers a sustainable way of feeling fantastic, lowering blood sugar, reversing diabetes – and if you have excess body fat to lose, you are in luck!

Science around Keto

There are endless studies on what sugar and carbohydrates do to us and that they are as addictive as many hard drugs. If you want the science, here is a small taste.

(this is just scratching the surface – remember when you are considering scientific papers and studies, be sure to be looking at a PEER REVIEWED site aka. Other doctors and scientists have critiqued the paper!)

Next Steps

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much information if you are new to the keto way of eating.

There is a lot of useful and, well, incorrect information available online. Choose your sources wisely and keep it simple to success.

Next, learn what you should be eating at

Feeling Overwhelmed and not sure how to start Keto?

Starting anything new can be pretty scary!

I found when I first started, I read so much information it all became too much and I didn’t know how to actually prepare to begin.

I have created a guide to the 7 days leading up to starting the Keto way of eating, including tips on how to meal plan, buy food, clean out your pantry and fridge and map out your ideal Keto week.

Check it out here! Preparing for the Ketogenic Diet

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