What Can I Eat on Keto?

My most searched for phrase while introducing myself to this way of eating:


I kept getting the same response… Bacon!

Well bacon is great, but you can’t survive on a diet of bacon alone. I needed taste, excitement, variety and not to feel too weighed down from excess fat. The question became again, what can I eat on keto – besides bacon? And cheese? And cream?

Food Cravings on Keto

So many traditional ‘diets’ end up restricting you so severely that it’s not a long term solution. On traditional diets, especially low fat ones, I would often end up eating really well all week and then binging all weekend. By Sunday night, I would feel miserable and hate myself for not being able to control my cravings.

The issue really was that I was addicted to carbs and went on the blood sugar roller coaster every day. Since keto, this just doesn’t happen anymore and I eat only when I am hungry and keep losing weight and feeling great.

Keto Recipes

Spend some time in my recipes section for motivation on what delicious meals you can cook. You will see I occasionally use items not strictly on the green list – these must be used sparingly of course.

 What Next

Now you know what to eat, the question is, how much? Check out https://aussieketoqueen.com/how-much-should-i-eat/

I’ll be covering this in more depth and so much more, along with video help in my Keto Community.