What To Expect On Keto by Aussie Keto Queen. The important thing to remember when making any life change is that a little bit of discomfort at the start to gain your life and health back is to be expected!

What To Expect On Keto

keto avocado

Here’s a delicious avocado. This is to distract you from what to expect on keto, because it can be quite overwhelming. You might have heard of the dreaded Keto Flu.

 Please don’t be scared! I am here to help, and you can start as slowly as you like. Many people like to start introducing a few keto meals gradually until they get the hang of calculating how many carbs there are and what to leave off their plates.

The important thing to remember when making any life change is that a little bit of discomfort at the start to gain your life and health back is to be expected! Your body is making a major adjustment. It’s like expecting your car to start running on avocado instead of petrol without a few hiccups.

Ok silly analogy but you get the idea. Here’s a few things that you may encounter in your first week.

Don’t get overwhelmed though, its ALL worth it. I’ll be covering this in more depth and with video help in my Keto Community. 

First things first, the nasty one..

Keto Flu

Some experience the “Keto Flu” for the first few days to a week. You may feel run down, tired and a bit achy. My experience was that it is much worse if you have a really bad diet before hand, with lots of sugar and processed carbohydrates. For me, I started strict keto when I had already cut out the majority of sugars, so it was minimal and passed in 24 hours. If you want to reduce the effects, try to cut out refined carbs and sugars for a few weeks before going completely keto. Things like bone broth, magnesium supplements and lots of water will also help you.

Weight Loss

The next thing to expect is… duh duh duh… weight loss!! Especially for those with lots to lose, you can drop weight very quickly. The great thing is the majority of weight loss can happen without even really counting calories, because you can only eat so much fat before you are feeling really full. This differs from carbs where once you have one potato chip or square of chocolate, all of a sudden you’ve eaten 10 times more than you planned.

Mental Clarity

I also notice a dramatically clearer head. I am focussed from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep. It is my experience that this gets better the longer you are in ketosis. I believe this ties into the consistent energy levels – your blood sugar isn’t taking massive spikes and dips throughout the day as you pump glucose into your body at set meal times, before crashing a few hours later (3.30pm blues anyone?)

Amazing, long term health benefits

While studies are still being done and finalised, we have to rely on anecdotal evidence but there’s no doubt that a clean, unprocessed diet is good for your health. There are reports of cleaning up your diet reducing tumor sizes, reducing and even reversing type 2 diabetes, and reducing inflammation throughout the body including arthritis and a whole host of gut issues.

What Next

There’s so much more that happens, from needing to increase your salt intake to explaining to your friends/family why you just ordered a burger with no bun. All in good time, there’s no need to get overwhelmed at the start. I will be providing a kick start guide for those wanting more information so make sure you subscribe today to be kept up to date.

It’s never too late to start ANYTHING you want in life. Tomorrow you will wish you started today, so stop thinking about what your life could be if you ate well, felt great and looked fantastic and GET STARTED. Put your crown on and starting keto!

Get started by checking out some recipes; https://aussieketoqueen.com/recipes/