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Are Turnips Keto? Discover Everything You Need To Know About Turnips

Are Turnips Keto? Discover Everything You Need To Know About Turnips

There are a lot of different vegetables out there. Many of which some of us might not have heard of before. Turnips are a type of vegetable that doesn’t get much recognition or love sometimes.

Yet, they are hearty vegetables that have a lot more uses than people first think.

If you are following a keto diet, then you may have wondered whether you can include turnips in your diet. Luckily you can, but only in moderation, and we will get into why within this article.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about turnips, including if they are keto.

What Is A Turnip?

The Brassica family contains rutabaga, cabbage, radish, and turnips. These are low-carb root vegetables. Commonly produced in the spring and fall, they are cool-weather vegetables. Yet supermarket stores often carry them all year round.

Turnips have a rounded, bulbous base and sprout leafy stems at the top which can also be eaten. They also come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, since there are different varieties of them. 

The more mature purple-top turnips (popular in the fall) or young white turnips (which are common in the summer) are what are typically found in supermarkets.

The Flavor Of Turnips

Turnips have a flavor that is comparable to radishes, potatoes, and even cabbage due to their crispy, white interior. The flavor of young white turnips is slightly different from that of older purple-top turnips.

White baby turnips can be eaten raw and resemble radishes in size. They are planted in the spring and harvested in the summer. Many people roast them or add them to salads. The flavor of baby turnips is somewhat spicy, sweet, and soft.

Turnips with purple tops that are mature can have a more bitter flavor. However, this flavor lessens when cooked and after removing the tough, outer skin. As a result, a lot of people boil, roast, or fry purple-top turnips.

Many people use turnips instead of potatoes in well-known potato recipes including scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, and fries. This is because turnips and potatoes are similar in flavor and texture.

Can Turnips Be Included In A Keto Diet?

Turnips can be included in a low-carb or keto diet. However, they can only be enjoyed in moderation. 

The USDA estimates that one cup of salted, boiled, and drained turnips contains 4.6 grams of sugar naturally occurring and has 4.7 net carbs. This includes 3.1 grams of fiber and 7.8 grams of total carbohydrates. 

Additionally, there are only 34 calories, 1.1 grams of protein, and.1 gram of fat in one cup of turnips. If that wasn’t enough they are also an excellent source of vitamins including A, C, and K. 

Hence, overall, they are low in carbs and calories, but high in fiber and water. 

Buying And Storing Turnips

Look for firm, crisp turnips that have no (or very few) flaws, whether you’re purchasing young, white baby turnips or mature, purple-topped turnips. The leafy tops ought to be fresh-looking and green.

Turnips with a rubbery or softer texture are best avoided. Seek for small to medium-sized turnips when buying mature, purple-top varieties. This is because they are less bitter and flavorful.

Turnips store nicely for a longer amount of time, just like potatoes do. The bottom, bulbous piece can be preserved for several weeks in a clean, sealed container. This is once the leafy greens have been removed from the top.

Delicious Keto-Friendly Turnip Recipe To Try

Turnips are great for a keto diet, and as a result, we have collected some of our favorite keto-friendly turnip recipes you need to try. 

Scalloped Turnips

These low-carb scalloped turnips have the same flavor as traditional scalloped potatoes but considerably fewer carbs. They are quite easy to make and completely delicious.

If you want your favorite scalloped potatoes, then this will become your new go-to recipe. 

Turnip Au Gratin

The greatest potato substitute is turnip au gratin, which is low in carbs. Rich, creamy, and cozy are a couple of ways to describe this turnip gratin. It’s a fantastic side dish for festive meals and is quite simple to prepare.

Roasted Turnips

While following a low-carb diet, we may have found one of our new favorite foods – roasted turnips! They are the ideal side dish for either breakfast or dinner because they are delicately sweet and very creamy.


Turnips are the perfect addition to any keto diet. They can be used in a wide range of recipes to add flavor and texture that you would often receive from potatoes. 

We hope you have found the article useful. Now you know how to add turnips to your keto or low-carb diet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Turnips Contain Fewer Carbs Than Potatoes?

One cup of turnips contains around 4.2 grams of carbohydrates. While the same cup of potatoes contains 13.5 grams. Thus, turnips contain far fewer carbohydrates than potatoes. 

What Is The Healthiest Way To Eat Turnips?

The healthiest ways to eat turnips include steaming or boiling. Although, you can eat turnips raw, which allows you to not lose any important nutrients which could be lost during the boiling process. 

We would advise you to avoid frying or roasting unless you are using healthy fats. With that being said air frying is a healthy alternative if you want a crispy turnip that is low in fat.

Are Turnips A Superfood?

There are a lot of reasons to love turnips. Thus, not only are they perfect for keto diets as they are low in carbs. Yet, since they are a rich source of nutrients and calcium they are also known as a superfood. 

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