Day 21 of the 21 Day Keto Challenge November 2020

It’s the final day, congratulations to you for reaching this milestone!

3 weeks ago you decided to make some changes to your health. 

Whatever they were, and however the last 3 weeks went, I want you to stop and pat yourself on the back. 

Even if it didn’t last 1 day, you had an attempt. 

And each time you get better and stronger at sticking with these changes. They say it about quitting an addiction, that each time you get stronger and better at it.

The same applies to any change to your life! 

You need practice and experience in overcoming obstacles, staying on track and knowing your triggers. 

So be kind to yourself if things didn’t go as plan (this is life remember, it never goes to plan!)

Thank you to each and every person that participated in the November 2020 challenge. I can’t express enough gratitude to you for participating. 

This has been by far the most rewarding, positive and wholesome challenge yet. 

If this isn’t your first challenge, you may have noticed I took a bit of a different approach to the emails and education focus areas this time. 

It seemed like we needed a gentler, more holistic focus rather than ‘this is what a carb is’ and ‘what does it mean when the urine stick is purple’

I don’t know if it’s what’s going on in the world, or just you fantastic group of humans, but the vibe from everyone this challenge has been – amazing – 

Positive, caring, helpful, thankful, gentle and compassionate – to each other but also to ourselves! 

So, THANK YOU for indulging me on this journey in trying to make just a little bit of a difference in this world, and create some smiles at the end of a pretty awful year. 

I hope even one message, post or email struck a chord with you and is enabling you to be kind to yourself. 

Don’t forget the daily emails are available on the website at any time if you want to go back through them and reconnect with a particular topic (click here to see them all together)

So what now?

Well, I go back to focusing on my day job and have a little bit of spare time on evenings and weekends again! 

But that usually sparks the creative cooking bug in me, and I start making new recipes again. 

Then that usually leads to a new challenge in another 3 – 6 months 😆 No promises, but that seems to be the cycle! 

I’ve also had the dream of a cookbook floating around my head for years, so who knows what the next year will bring. 

What do you do now? 

I recommend you make a bit of a plan just for the next 3 – 4 weeks to follow for yourself. 

It can take a while for new habits to stick, so having some structure can really help. 

Lots of people like to jump straight into another meal plan. 

If you want to do this I’d suggest either going really strict with the Very first OG plan from 2018 – dairy free, no macros or calories though as I didn’t want to focus on that at the start. 

Or enjoy a more recent meal plan with some simple recipes, January 2020 (what a simpler time Jan 2020 was!!) 

The facebook group stays open but usually settles down between challenges. I aim not to be on facebook every day but will check in every couple of days. 

But today, I am switching off from the internet, facebook and the world and enjoying a weekend away in country Victoria filled with nature, massages and relaxation! 

If you want to spread the word, you can leave a comment on the product page about your experience with the challenge to help future people decide if they want to buy it. 

Or comment on the daily posts, or share with a friend who you think could benefit from focusing on their health for 21 days. 

But mostly, take today and tomorrow to be kind, live a little slower and appreciate what you have and have achieved.  

If there’s one key message to take from the last 21 Days, let it be this. 

Our daily choices shape our lives. 

What life do you choose? 


Rachel xx

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