Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread

Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread

It’s easy to see why this Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread is the #1 recipe on my website. Every single day, hundreds of people are making this Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread and loving it – I know because they are sending me emails!

Tasty keto cheese and bacon bread is so easy to make, and is a perfect keto snack, breakfast on the go and is freezer friendly. One of the most easy Keto meals you can try! #keto #ketogenic

Once you’ve been eating Keto for a while, you can get a bit tired of the same old lunches and dinners.

That’s why I created this Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread.

It reminds me of those cheese and bacon rolls you get from bakeries, you know the ones with the cheesy crusts?

It is so much more moist and obviously much lower in carbs though so is a Keto win! I LOVE having this with avocado on top, it feels so decadent and rich, you only need one slice.

I’ve also seen readers put some fresh tomato slices on the bread and even vegemite. YUM

Tasty keto cheese and bacon bread is so easy to make, and is a perfect keto snack, breakfast on the go and is freezer friendly. One of the most easy Keto meals you can try! #keto #ketogenic

Cooking the bacon beforehand means you get a rich bacon flavour through the whole loaf.

It can be on the crumbly side if you try to cut it straight away, so if you can resist, let it cool down first. Out of the fridge is always best. 

You can see below how it looks quite dense here, because it has been refrigerated and it cuts really easily.

Tasty keto cheese and bacon bread is so easy to make, and is a perfect keto snack, breakfast on the go and is freezer friendly. One of the most easy Keto meals you can try! #keto #ketogenic

I always cut it, then either microwave or put it in the oven for a bit and top with your favourite things (butter!!) or nothing at all.

I have this hot or cold, breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a snack and it works perfectly for all occasions.

This would also be delicious toasted under the grill or in a frying pan with a poached egg on top for breakfast.

I think it would be too crumbly for the toaster though – warning, please do not set your kitchen on fire trying to toast this in the toaster please. You have been warned.


Tasty keto cheese and bacon bread is so easy to make, and is a perfect keto snack, breakfast on the go and is freezer friendly. One of the most easy Keto meals you can try! #keto #ketogenic

As with all cooking, the end product is only as good as the quality of your ingredients, so get the best eggs, bacon and almond flour you can.

I go to a little boutique store for my almond flour called Miss Gourmet & Co in Hawthorn (Victoria, Australia) for those that are local.

It is the finest almond flour I have found and is priced very reasonably.

Of course not everyone can pop down to Hawthorn, so I also buy my almond from Amazon. I use this one:

I have included below photos of each step to make this recipe as easy as possible. Some people get worried that the batter is bit … goopy (the only word I can think of that explains the batter!).

It’s not really a dough so much as a sticky mix, so if yours looks like mine, you’re fine.

Tasty keto cheese and bacon bread is so easy to make, and is a perfect keto snack, breakfast on the go and is freezer friendly. One of the most easy Keto meals you can try! #keto #ketogenic

Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread

This loaf has all the best things about keto, loaded with bacon and cheese, eggs and almond flour. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack! 

Prep Time 12 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 57 minutes
Servings 10
Calories 292 kcal



  1. Preheat the oven to 150C (300f) and line and grease a loaf pan (I use silicone – nothing sticks to it!)

    Keto Cheese and bacon bread
  2. Dice the bacon rashers and fry in a large frying pan until just crispy. 

  3. Meanwhile, in a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the almond flour and baking powder, breaking up any lumps in the flour.

  4. In a smaller bowl, whisk together the sour cream and eggs until it is a smooth consistency. 

  5. Once the bacon is cooked, combine the almond flour with the sour cream and eggs and mix thoroughly until combined. 

  6. Stir through the melted butter and then gently fold through the cooked bacon and cheese.

  7. Pour into the prepared loaf tin. Optionally, sprinkle with extra cheese. Bake for 45 – 50 minutes until a skewer comes out completely clean. Let cool and refrigerate before slicing to avoid it being too crumbly, if you can wait! 

Nutrition Facts
Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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93 thoughts on “Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread”

    • You don’t taste the sour cream at all, it’s just used for moisture and fats. Some people have used cream cheese instead, it would need to be soft though. It would likely make the final bread a bit more dense though.

      • Hello Rachel, I tried the recipe yesterday with cream cheese and the result was awesome! This looks like a cake but with cheese and bacon, my wife loves it! lol, thanks for this recipe again

  • Just want to add the feedback for this recipe – I used Phladelphia light cream cheese instead sour cream and it was incredible! Thanks for this recipe, my girls and my wife loved it!

    • US uses imperial measurements for everything and their cups are slightly different sizes (rest of the world uses metric). Imperial cup is 240ml whereas metric is 250ml. It’s only slight though, and wouldn’t matter in this recipe 🙂

  • Hi Rachel, just starting Keto – this looks super yummy! Can I use almond meal or does it have to be almond flour> Thanks

  • Hey Rachel, instead of making a big loaf (i don’t eat much bread so I dont know if i will eat the whole lot before it goes bad), how long would I need to cook it for if I halved the recipe and used a small loaf tin?

    • Hi Jess!
      Hmm it will depend on the size of the tin, but I’d check it after 20 mins. You could also put the mix into little muffin tins, or make the whole recipe but freeze what you don’t eat as it freezes really well 🙂

  • 5 stars
    Hi Rachel, thanks for this recipe, its great and so is the website. There are lots of recipes I want to try out. I tried this recipe for the first time today. It was really tasty but it didn’t rise, it fact to kinda sunk! Did I go a bit heavy on one of the ingredients? or may have needed a bit longer in the oven. Thanks for your advice. Cheers, Eileen

    • Hi Eileen, it doesn’t rise very much like a normal bread and ends up quite dense as you can see in the photos. The silicone loaf pan I use is quite narrow to make it a bit higher. Hope this helps!

      • Mine sank too 🙁 maybe my loaf tin is too big. I may try doubling the recipe next time. Do you think I’ll need to alter anything of I do? Cooking time twice as long?

        • I’d be lowering the temp and extending the oven time. You can also make these into muffins and see how it goes. It’s not a tall bread though – Keto breads don’t really rise so the width of your pan will affect how high it goes.

  • 5 stars
    Absolutely love this bread, have done it many times, great with scrambled eggs. I just wanted to ask if you have ever done it in a bread machine, thanks, Elwyn

    • Hi Elwyn, no I haven’t. as it isn’t a yeast based bread it doesn’t rise, so I can’t imagine there would be much benefit to using the bread maker. Curious to know if you give it a shot though!

  • 5 stars
    I made this bread I use sausage instead of bacon I as snack I lightly toasted for breakfast with eggs we enjoyed it so gooooood

  • Thanks for this recipe. I’m a keto newbie. Just wondering what a serving size is (with reference to the nutritional value) please?

    • Hi Steph, the number of servings in the total dish provide serving size – so in this case it makes 10 slice and a serving is 1 slice.

  • Hi. Just going to make this as sounds delicious.
    Would adding Physillium husk ruin this.
    I wondered if it would make it less crumbly??
    What do you think


    • Hi Linda, it could change the texture and might make it more dry/chewy. In saying that, it could also help it hold together while warm a bit! I’d try just a tablespoon or so initially to test it.

  • 5 stars
    Best keto recipe i have ever made!! My partner loved it and after he had scarfed down his piece he was trying to pinch mine as well which is super high praise from someone whos number one comment regarding everything i make is ‘not bad’
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

    • Hi Jann! Mine is usually about 2 – 3 inches high, depending on the narrowness of the loaf tin that you used. If it is narrow, the mixture will spread out.

    • Coconut flour doesn’t act the same as almond flour, it absorbs 4 times as much moisture so it would dry everything out dramatically.

  • I made this cheese and bacon bread yesterday but added 75 grams of finely chopped onion to it. I put it in the fridge for about 5 hours as I wanted to give a friend of my neighbours a piece (she is totally new to Keto) and forgot to put it back in the fridge. When I cut it up today it was crumbly but so yum. How can I improve on it. Thanks. I live in New Zealand.

      • I tried to toast it on the range and it fell apart lol. As I had added some onion I cut it into 12 to try and get the same carb count. Maybe that was another mistake. I will try again without the onion and cut it into 10. See how that goes.

    • Hi Bischa, making it dairy and nut free will be a bit tricky. Coconut flour is usually 1/4 cup to replace 1 cup of almond flour because it absorbs so much, but then there wouldn’t be enough to make the base. Coconut oil or cream could work well but of course you’ll get that coconut flavour! Hoops you enjoy the recipe either way 🙂

  • Looks amazing! Due to kids allergies we are a nut free household – any ideas on substitutes for Almond Flour please?

    • Unfortunately this one is almond flour heavy, I don’t think you could sub for coconut flour as it wouldn’t be enough volume and would likely end up dry. I’d suggest maybe checking out a coconut flour based bread recipe, then adding in some cheese and bacon?

  • 5 stars
    My coworkers and family can’t get enough of this bread, and not all are doing keto; but I wanted to know if maybe yeast can be used in this recipe

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