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9 nov - 30 nov

Are you:

- Stalled?

- Uninspired?

- Bored?

- Unsure how to start?

- Confused?

Start the 21 day Keto Cleanse Challenge with the Aussie Keto Queen! Get the links to all of the recipes I'll be eating below. 

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Keto Challenge 21 Day Keto Cleanse Challenge

Together, we will:

  • Cut the crap! That might mean dairy, coffee, alcohol, sweeteners or whatever else is holding you back - we all know deep down what is holding us back
  • Support each other through the dedicated, no judgement, friendly facebook group 
  • If you're new, start Keto in a safe, supportive environment with a super clean start to get the most out of Keto and set yourself up for long term success! 


After many requests, I've now created a 21 Day Keto Cleanse MEAL PLAN including

  • 3 full weeks of detailed meal plans
  • Recipes for every meal
  • Complete shopping list with all quantities calculated for you
  • A comprehensive FAQ and Tips Section
  • An introduction to Intermittent Fasting

Note this meal plan is not required to participate in the challenge. It is perfect for anyone needing structure and accountability. 

How amazing do you feel when you eat well for one day?

How about 2 days?

So why not 21 days?

We all know December and January are food and alcohol heavy months.

Here in Australia, leading into December we all want to be looking our best. 

Join me from 9 Nov - 30 Nov to find your best, healthiest self!

A clean keto diet can give you;

- Glowing skin

- Clear eyes

- Balanced metabolism

- Less hunger

- More energy

- Weight loss

- Tighter, firmer skin

Join me for FREE and we can do the challenge together to SMASH the rest of 2018 and start 2019 on the right track

YOU CHOOSE what is holding you back and pledge to eliminate it for 21 days!

I will be eliminating:

  • Sweeteners
  • Food replacements and bars
  • ban
    Cheat meals/days
  • ban
    Alcohol AND coffee
  • Dairy

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Get the list of what I will be eating for 21 days with links to each recipe! 

This is a FREE challenge for Keto eaters to come together and support each other in a clean eating 21 day period. 

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