Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You can't seem to start Keto
  • You are bored or stalled on Keto
  • You lack variety in your menu
  • You want delicious food first and foremost
  • You are tired of trying to decide what is for dinner
  • You need accountability and support 

If so, I've got good news for you

the keto cleanse challenge is READY FOR YOU!

After 2 successful Keto Challenges in November and January, you can now start your own challenge whenever you want! 

The Challenge is: 

- Focusing on fresh, whole foods

- Includes dairy (January) or no dairy (November)

- Minimising snacking

- More Fasting

- More Variety

- More Substitutions

- Full Macros to swap around meals

Start the 21 day Keto Cleanse Challenge with the Aussie Keto Queen!

option 1
Completely free

  • Best for Advanced/Very Experienced Keto Eaters
  • PDF List of recommended recipes (links)
  • FAQ about Keto and the Challenge
  • Facebook group for support and sharing
  • Daily emails for inspiration and learning

option 2
$21 Complete meal plan

  • Best for Beginner - to Intermediate Keto Eaters
  • All of Option 1 PLUS
  • Complete 21 Day Meal Plan
  • Macros calculated for you - no guesswork
  • Meal Plan EXCLUSIVE Recipes 
  • All shopping lists and recipes in one handy document
  • Print and save on multiple devices
  • Printer friendly instructions

Results from the November challenge...


I am so thankful that I found this challenge and Rachel. Her honesty, wisdom and care are exceptional. The meals are delicious and the weekly meal plan + shopping list were easy and so helpful for this busy Mama. I came in hopeful for a physical & mindset cleanse and I got it! The loss of 4kgs was a bonus! I would recommended this to anyone and everyone, and I will!! Thank you so much Rachel. Until next time...

Bronwen H. 


This has been a challenge which was supported by in depth information and which posed questions relating to health and physical issues other than the losing of weight. I have been impressed by Rachel's honesty, her knowledge, her one to one interactions with clients, and the meal plans and recipes are simply awesome! Simple, fresh, and very doable! Made it easy to keep on track. Thank you Rachel.

Meme T.


The liked the structure of the meal plans... I found your suggestions encouraged me to mix up my approach. Also, I really liked the encouragement to give up something that has been holding you back; I gave up alcohol and dairy.

And finally, I found your daily email just enough to keep me on track, perfectly targeted to different issues likely to come up and liked the links if you wanted more info. 

Alison T.

How amazing do you feel when you eat well for one day?

How about 2 days?

So why not 21 days?

We all know December and January are food and alcohol heavy months.

Let's shake off the bad habits of the holidays and start 2019 with a BANG

Join me from 14 Jan - 3rd Feb to find your best, healthiest self! 

A clean Keto diet can give you;

- Glowing skin

- Clear eyes

- Balanced metabolism

- Repaired gut health

- Less hunger

- More energy

- Weight loss

- Tighter, firmer skin

REgister for Free Access

What's on the Menu?

Keto Vegemite and Cheese Scones are the perfect savoury snack on the keto diet! They taste just like Vegemite on toast and are a simple and easy keto snack, great for lunches. #ketosnacks #easyketo #ketorecipes

Grab and Go Breakfasts

Tasty keto cheese and bacon bread is so easy to make, and is a perfect keto snack, breakfast on the go and is freezer friendly. One of the most easy Keto meals you can try! #keto #ketogenic

Make Ahead Lunches

Keto Swedish meatballs is one of my favourite Keto Dinners to have, especially paired with this silky Keto Cauliflower Mash! An easy weeknight keto meal, on the table in no time at all. #easyketo #ketodinner #ketorecipe #keto

Mouth Watering Dinners

These Keto Chocolate Mud Cake Muffins are delectable rich, luxurious and taste like a real Keto treat. Easy to make too, this one pan keto dessert is quick to whip up! #keto #ketorecipe #ketodessert #ketotreat

Decadent Desserts


Is the challenge free?

Is the meal plan the same as the november challenge?

Are the ingredients fancy or expensive?

how many people is the meal plan for?

I don't have time to cook breakfast or lunch, is it suitable for me?

I don't like eggs / avocado / red meat 

Are macros and calories included in the meal plans?

I signed up but haven't received any emails. 

how do i save the meal plan to my device?

I'm not from australia, is it suitable for me?

is it unaustralian not to eat carbs on australia day?

I can't do those dates, can i still join the challenge?

YOU CHOOSE what is holding you back and pledge to eliminate it for 21 days!

I will be eliminating:

  • Packet Foods
  • ban
    Cheat meals/days
  • Takeaway
  • Alcohol

Most of us know what is standing in our way.

What will YOU be eliminating?

Join the Private Facebook Group and introduce yourself

💚 Everything is easier with friends 💚

 Tag your Keto buddies in the Challenge


Rachel - The Aussie Keto Queen

I'm so excited you are here and are ready for Keto to change your life.

I have created the Keto Cleanse Challenge specifically to help people who need the structure and support to stick to Keto, as I know I do. 

I have been eating Keto since 2015 and lost 20kgs in the first 9 months.

I believe in "Keto for Life" - a sustainable, delicious approach to nutrition. No deprivation or missing out, only tasty and healthy food. 

Since then, I've discovered a passion for nutrition, healthy eating and helping others find the same success I did. 


        Rachel xx

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